May 2017 General Chapter and Annual Awards Dinner Meeting

May 22, 2017
Kirkwood United Methodist Church
201 W Adams Avenue 63122
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The King of Instruments Radio Show
Sundays at 6:00 pm on Radio Arts Foundation 107.3 FM – 96.3Hd2 – RAFSTL.ORG
Attendees: Dean:  Mark ScholtzSub-Dean:  Burnell Hackman, Treasurer: Mike Kaberline, Secretary:  Cathy Cassy 
Present: 42 attended. 41 members/spouses and presenter James Thomashower.
Mark Scholtz, Burnell Hackman, Mike Kaberline, Cathy Cassy, James Thomashower, Martin Ott, Horst Buchholz, Kathleen Bolduan, Shawn Portell,  Suzanne Manelli, Karen Bizetz, Mary Beth Wittry, Nancy Barbee, David Barbee, Robert Mullgardt, Lisa Cripe, Bill Wade, Barbara Wick, Carolyn Milels, Fern Black, Albert Black, Nannette Tornblom, Allan Tornbloom, Mary Hitchcock-Reinhart, Rick Burck, Bill Stein, David Erwin, Dawn Riske, Steve McMullen, Rich Thompson, Nicholas Petty, Wes Proctor, Luella Foster, Jim Threlkeld, John Hawn, Joy Elarsh, William Sullivan, Ruth Weeten, Carrie Bradfield, Brent Johnson, M. Bust, Bill S., Gary Proulter King…,
Dean Mark Scholtz opened the meeting at 7:05 greeting those in attendance and welcoming our guest speaker, James Thomashower, the Executive Director of the National AGO headquartered in New York.
Mike Kaberline presented our budget balance of  $21,000.
Burnell Hackman, presented our 2017-2018 program venues for the year.
Cathy Bolduan recognized deceased guild or family members of guild:
Anita Leese, John Horback, Janet Spencer’s husband, Tim Jansens father, Dan Vizer’s mother, Ronald Arnatt’s wife, Joan Buschmann, and Mary H.
The recipient of last year’s Avis Blewett Award was Brent Johnson recognizing his significant contribution to informing, enhancing, and presenting the World of Organ and Music to the St. Louis Area most notably through radio shows: Organ Live and our own “King of Instruments,” Friday Pipes series and so much more.
Outgoing members of the Executive Board’s class of 2017, Mary Beth Wittry, Phillip Brunswick, Jeff White were recognized for their work.
Executive Director, James Thomashower installed the newly elected St. Louis AGO Class of 2020 members, Lisa Cripe, Luella Foster, and Bill Stein.
He then spoke at the meeting regarding current topics and questions that National is working on: the transition to OnCard membership, the possibility of Volunteer membership as there are ten to fifteen thousand known organists who play without pay, the volunteer membership would offer them some resource service; the cover of the The American Organist cover is a paid advertisement which is given first choice to the APOBA builders, then to all organ builders. TAO is the official magazine of APOBA and Strategic Planning. The cost of the cover ad is $4000 to $4500 and comes with 3 pages of information.  The next ad sales will take place in January of 2019. The ads are not exclusive to pipe organs as the AGO mission and vision speaks of organs without a specification as to pipe or digital.
He went into great detail regarding the FTC lawsuit regarding salary schedules which were contested due to “restraining and restricting competition.” Upon agreeing to several contingencies imposed by FTC, the suit was resolved with no admission of wrongdoing on the part of the Guild.
Mr. Thomashower complimented our Guild on being an active, thriving chapter as noted from attendance at this evening’s meeting, the program venue for the next year, and a most successful Regional Convention.
Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Cassy
Executive Committee Secretary