The St. Louis Chapter of the AGO’s Educational Resources Library has a number of items that are available for members to check out for their own educational purposes. Please contact Barbara Raedeke, Educational Resources Librarian, for further information.

The entire list is available here:

Catalogue of Choral Music Arranged in Biblical OrderLaster, JamesBookChoral
Children’s Choir, The (Part I)Nelson, RonaldcassetteChoral
Children’s Choir, The (Part II)Nelson, RonaldcassetteChoral
Choir Care: Building Sound TechniqueGonzalez, MarilynBookChoral
Choral Techniques (Part I)Conlon, JoancassetteChoral
Choral Techniques (Part II)Conlon, JoancassetteChoral
Good Vocal ToneConlon, Joancassette & bkletChoral
Great Music from Great Occasions at Westminster AbbeyNeary,Martin, conductorcassetteChoral
Handel: Messiah and Israel in EgyptPreston, SimoncassetteChoral
Let’s Commission a WorkRCCO-William WrightBkletChoral
Pronunciation of Church Latin BkletChoral
Technique for ChoirsCook, John (RCCO)BkletChoral
What We Should Expect from Young People: Choir TrainingWyton, AlecBkletChoral
Adventures of Melodia and Major OctaveFedak/LeupoldPrinted MusicEducation
Careers in MusicMusic Educators Natl ConfBkletEducation
Chapter Outreach to New Organists (1999)AGOBkletEducation
Close Encounters: An Introduction to the Pipe OrganAGOVHSEducation
Close Encounters: An Introduction to the Pipe OrganAGODVDEducation
Discover the Organ (Rep Level 1)Leupold, Wayne Printed MusicEducation
Discover the Organ (Rep Level 2)Leupold, WaynePrinted MusicEducation
Discover the Organ (Rep Level 3A)Leupold, WaynePrinted MusicEducation
Discover the Organ (Technique Level 1)Leupold, WaynePrinted MusicEducation
Handbook for Pipe Organ EncountersAGOBkletEducation
How to Sponsor an AGO Pipe Organ EncounterAGOBkletEducation
How We Got Here From There: Pedagogy, 1860-1960Riglert, Ann MarieDVDEducation
In the Beginning: An Encounter with Improvisation (Leupold)Lanning, DenisePrinted MusicEducation
Inspiring New Organists In Your Chapter!Rowley, Naomi & Tom TrenneyCD & bkletEducation
J. Michael Barone and PipedreamsMardirosian, HaigBookEducation
Organ Adventures: Organ Activity Book (Leupold)Wolf, LesliePrinted MusicEducation
Organ and You, The A Young Person’s Intro to the OrganRiver Valley (Iowa) AGOVHSEducation
Organ on Campus, TheMardirosian, HaigBookEducation
Organist…A Total Musician, ThePotomac Chapter AGOVHSEducation
Pedals, Pipes and PizzaAGOBkletEducation
Pipe Up, Let It Resound: Intro to organ-preschool-grade 5AGOBkletEducation
Pipeworks Curricula: music, science social studiesAGO SeattleBkletEducation
Pipeworks video (video introduction to program-13 minutes)AGOVHSEducation
Pulling Out All the Stops: The Pipe Organ in AmericaAGO (also online)DVDEducation
Pulling Out All the Stops: The Pipe Organ in AmericaAGO (also online)VHSEducation
Sight Reading and Ear Training WorkshopPalmer, Catherine (RCCO)cassetteEducation
Sure-Fire Practice TechniquesFreese, Dr. FaytheDVD & handoutEducation
Tune Factory, The (Organ Demonstrator No. 1-Leupold)Barr, JohnPrinted MusicEducation
Young Person’s Guide to the Pipe Organ, ASoderlund, SandraBkletEducation
100 Strategies for Successful AGO CertificationKull, Joyce ShupebkletExams
AGO Certification Chapter GuideCommittee on Prof CertificationBkletExams
AGO Professional Certification: BibliographyTAOBkletExams
Associateship Ear TrainingAGOcassette & bkletExams
CAGO Study Guidelines (1992)Miller, Maxcassette & bkletExams
CAGO Test Study Guide, 2000AGOcassetteExams
Choirmaster Ear Training TapeAGOcassette & bkletExams
Colleague Examination Study Guidelines 2000-01AGOcassetteExams
Examination Hymn BookletAGOBkletExams
Examination Hymn Booklet (1992 revised edition)AGOBkletExams
Exams–Choir Master–1998AGOBkletExams
Exams–Choir Master–1999AGOBkletExams
Exams–Choir Master–2000AGOBkletExams
Exams–Choir Master–2001AGOBkletExams
Exams–Choir Master–2002AGOBkletExams
Exams–Choir Master–2003AGOBkletExams
Exams–Choir Master–2004AGOBkletExams
Exams–Choir Master–2005AGOBkletExams
Exams–Choir Master–2017AGOBkletExams
Exams–Choir Master–2018AGOBkletExams
Fellowship Ear Training TapeAGOcassette & bkletExams
Happiness is Being CertifiedMitchell-Wallace, SueCDExams
Manual of Procedure-Assoc and Fellow Exams (2008)AGOBkletExams
Preparing for AGO Exams (1997) 2 copiesAGOBkletExams
Selected Bibliography for AGO Certification PreparationAGOBkletExams
Service Playing Test Study Guide (1991)Groom, Lester H.cassette & bkletExams
Service Playing Test Study Guide (2000)AGO Prof Cert Committeecassette & bkletExams
Service Playing Test Study Guide (2018)AGOCD & bkletExams
Study Guide for AGO Colleague CertificationAGOBkletExams
Mini-Course in Hymn Playing,AWoolard, Margot Ann G.cassette & bkletHymns/ Reg/SP
Accompaniment Adaptation PracticumCampbell, Johncassette & bkletHymns/Reg/SP
Alec Wyton in Conversation with Healey WillanRCCOcassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Art & Craft of Playing Hymns, TheMitchell-Wallace, SueVHSHymns/Reg/SP
Bridal Guide (4th edition)Thomas, PamelaBookHymns/Reg/SP
Christian Ministry, The (July 1982)RCCOBkletHymns/Reg/SP
Contemporary CultureFerguson, JohncassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Creative Service Playing: An Advanced Improvisation WorkbookRockholt, PrestonBkletHymns/Reg/SP
Hymn Accompaniment Workshop (1987)RCCO-John TuttlecassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Hymns: A Congregational Study (teacher & student editions)Sydnor, James R.BkletHymns/Reg/SP
Hymn-Tune Improvisations: Increasing Your SkillPorter, WilliamDVD & handoutHymns/Reg/SP
Improvisation in Service PlayingTrenney, TomDVDHymns/Reg/SP
Improvising: How to Master the ArtHancock, GerreBookHymns/Reg/SP
Manual on Hymn PlayingHeller, DavidBookHymns/Reg/SP
Mini-Course in Basic Organ Registration, AWoolard, Margot Ann G.cassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Mini-Course in Creative Hymn PlayingFerguson, Johncassette & bkletHymns/Reg/SP
Mini-Course on Creative Hymn-PlayingFerguson, JohnBklet & CDHymns/Reg/SP
Mini-Course on Hymn-PlayingWoolard, Margot Ann G.Bklet & CDHymns/Reg/SP
Music for Wedding and Funerals in the ChurchRCCOBkletHymns/Reg/SP
Music for Weddings (1982)RCCOcassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Music in Worship: Interdenominational panel discussionRCCOcassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Pop Isn’t The Only Contemporary MusicLovelace, Austincassette & bkletHymns/Reg/SP
Practicum on Service Playing & Improvisation (I)Manz, PaulcassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Practicum on Service Playing & Improvisation (II)Manz, PaulcassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Service Playing and InterpretationManz, PaulcassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Solo/Anthem Accompaniment Workshop (1987)RCCO-Ronald JordancassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Uncommon, Common, Holy Ground (2 tapes)Westermeyer, PaulcassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Vocal Solos for Weddings (22 selections recorded-organ & voice)Anderson, Rob’t & K. HartcassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Vocal Solos for Weddings (22 selections-organ & voice)Anderson, Robert, et alCD & bkletHymns/Reg/SP
Wedding and Funeral Music (Workshop – 1987)RCCO-Gerald WebstercassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Wedding Processionals and RecessionalsAnderson, RobertcassetteHymns/Reg/SP
Acoustics in Worship SpacesIngram, Donald, chairmanBkletOrgan Building
AGO Standard Console SpecificationsAGOBkletOrgan Building
All the Stops:The Glorious Pipe Organ and Its American MastersWhitney, CraigBookOrgan Building
Buying an OrganOgasapian, J. BkletOrgan Building
Church Organs: A Guide to Selection and PurchaseOgasapian, JohnBookOrgan Building
Dedicating an OrganSmith, RollinBkletOrgan Building
Guide to Buying a Pipe Organ for less than $100KNPM/APOBABkletOrgan Building
Guide to Pipe Organ Planning & Fund RaisingAPOBABkletOrgan Building
Make a Joyful Noise: The Pipe Organ in WorshipAPOBA/AIOVHSOrgan Building
Planning Space for Pipe OrgansAPOBABkletOrgan Building
Problems in Organ RestorationOwen, Barbara & Chas FiskcassetteOrgan Building
To Hear the MusicLanson, DennisDVDOrgan Building
Voices in the Wind: All About Pipe OrgansCanadian BroadcastingVHSOrgan Building
APOBA Pipe Organ Resource GuideAPOBABkletOrgan Building
AGO 2000 National Competition in Organ ImprovisationAGOCDOrgan Lit
AGO 90th Anniversary Anthology of American Organ Music(1986)Brunelle, Philip, ed.Printed MusicOrgan Lit
Alain, Marie-Claire: Master Series, Vol. 2Alain, Marie-ClaireVHSOrgan Lit
Alain, Marie-Claire: Master Series, Vol. 2AGODVDOrgan Lit
American Classic Organ Symposium (1989) Salt Lake CityGlasgow, Murray, BethardscassettesOrgan Lit
Bach Clavier Ubung III–A Spiritual JourneyKull, Joyce Shupecassettes & bkletOrgan Lit
Bach, Johann Sebastian: Life and WorksVariousDVDOrgan Lit
Bach: Orgelbuchlein Lecture RecitalRadelescu, MichaelcassettesOrgan Lit
Bach: Problems in Performance Practice in theHarmon, ThomascassettesOrgan Lit
Bach: The Spiritual ManFerguson, JohncassetteOrgan Lit
Catalogue of Music for Organ and InstrumentsLaster, James H.BookOrgan Lit
Catherine Crozier: Master Series, Vol 1Crozier, CatherineVHSOrgan Lit
Chorale Preludes: Alpha to OmegaFerguson, JohncassetteOrgan Lit
Crozier, Catherine: Master Series Vol 1AGODVDOrgan Lit
Directory of Composers for Organ, A (3rd edition)Henderson, JohnBookOrgan Lit
Early French Organ RegistrationsBates, RobertCDOrgan Lit
Five Hundred Years of Spanish Organ MusicPowell, LintoncassetteOrgan Lit
French Organ Music from the Revolution to Franck and WidorArchbold, Lawrence & PetersonBookOrgan Lit
Guide to the Pipe Organ for Composers and Others, ASoderlund, SandraBkletOrgan Lit
Hancock, Gerre: Master Series Volum IVHancock, GerreDVDOrgan Lit
Introduction to Electronic MusicPinkham, DanielcassetteOrgan Lit
Introduction to Historical Tunings, AnBates, Robert F.cassetteOrgan Lit
Introduction to Historical Tunings, AnBates, RobertCDOrgan Lit
Introduction to Organ Registration, An (1986)Engel, JamesBkletOrgan Lit
Introduction to Repertoire and Registration for the Small OrganStulken, Marilyn K.BkletOrgan Lit
J.S. Bach’s Great Eighteen Organ ChoralesStinson, RussellBookOrgan Lit
Jean Langlais and the Ste.-Clothilde TraditionLanglais, Marie-LouisecassetteOrgan Lit
Jean Langlais: The Man and His MusicLabounsky, AnnBookOrgan lit
Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned MusicianWolff, ChristophBookOrgan Lit
Life and Music of Jean LanglaisAGODVDOrgan Lit
Limericks for OrganistsJohnson, DouglasBookOrgan Lit
List of Modern Editions of Early French Organ MusicButler, H. JosephBkletOrgan Lit
Louis Vierne: Organist of Notre Dame CathedralSmith, RollinBookOrgan Lit
Mason, Marilyn: Master Series Vol 5AGODVDOrgan Lit
Masterclass (Robert Anderson) Part I: Bach and BuxtehudeAnderson, RobertcassetteOrgan Lit
Masterclass (Robert Anderson) Part II: Buxtehude, Bach, MessiaenAnderson, RobertcassetteOrgan Lit
Masterclass (Robert Anderson) Part III: Albright & RegerAnderson, RobertcassetteOrgan Lit
Maurice Durufle: The Last ImpressionistEbrecht, RonaldBookOrgan Lit
Mozart and the OrganLangleycassetteOrgan Lit
Music of TournemireLandale, Susancassette & bkletOrgan Lit
Nadia Boulanger: Master Teacher of CompositionCampbell, Conte, HancockCD & bkletOrgan Lit
Names and Dates (list of composers & church musicians)Betenbaugh, Helen & GordonBkletOrgan Lit
Olsen, Timothy Organ RecitalOlsen, TimothyCDOrgan Lit
Organ and Organists of Sainte-Clothilde, TheLanglais, Marie-LouiseVHSOrgan Lit
Organ as a Mirror of Its Time, TheSnyder, Kerala, ed.BookOrgan Lit
Organ Loft Whisperings: Paris Correspondence of Fannie Edgar ThomasArmstrong, AgnesBookOrgan Lit
Organ Music by Black ComposersHancock, Eugenecassette & bkletOrgan Lit
Organ Music of Black ComposersHancock, EugeneBklet & CDOrgan Lit
Organ Music of Women ComposersRipley, Colette SchlegelcassetteOrgan Lit
Organ Plus: Catalog of Ensemble Music for Org & Instrum Spelman, Leslie & EngquistBookOrgan Lit
Organ Yearbook, The (1983/Vol.XIV)Williams, Peter, ed.BookOrgan Lit
Organ Yearbook, The (1988/Vol.XIX)Williams, Peter, ed.BookOrgan Lit
Organ Yearbook, The (1991/Vol. XXII)Williams, Peter, ed.BookOrgan Lit
Organist’s “How to Practice”, AnCabena, H. Barrie (RCCO)BkletOrgan Lit
Organs and Organists of Saint Sulpice (Volume 1 & 2) VHSOrgan Lit
Orgelprobe: Quiz Game of Organ TriviaUniversity of LouisvilleFlashcardsOrgan Lit
Perspectives on Organ Playing: Festschrift Heinrich FleischerVariousBookOrgan Lit
Playing Dieterich Buxtehude’s Works RhetoricallyCouch, Dr. Leon W.CDsOrgan Lit
Playing the Organ Works of Bach: Some Case StudiesWilliams, PeterBookOrgan Lit
Presenting Concerts in Your Church and CommunityMcFarlane, Karen & SmithBkletOrgan Lit
Publicize It! Writing a Press ReleaseRCCO-Sandi MacdonaldBkletOrgan LIt
Ste. Clothilde Tradition, TheLanglaiscassette & bkletOrgan Lit
Style and Structure: Organ Praeludia of Buxtehude, Bohm, Bruhns Part 1Archbold, LarrycassetteOrgan Lit
Style and Structure: Organ Praeludia of Buxtehude, Bohm, Bruhns Part 2Archbold, LarrycassetteOrgan Lit
Survey of Baroque Ornamentation (Part I)Harmon, ThomascassetteOrgan Lit
Survey of Baroque Ornamentation (Part II)Harmon, ThomascassetteOrgan Lit
Swann, Frederick: Master Series, Vol 3Swann, FrederickDVDOrgan Lit
Swell to Great: A Backward Look From My Organ LoftBitgood, RobertaBookOrgan Lit
Timeline of the OrganOwen, BarbaraBkletOrgan Lit
Toward an Authentic Interpretation of the Organ Works of Cesar FranckSmith, RollinBkletOrgan Lit
Tribute to Andre MarchalL’Orgue/AGOBookOrgan Lit
Twenty-year Subject/Author Index (1967-1987) of TAOAGOBkletOrgan Lit
Wondrous Machine: Literary Anthology Celebrating the OrganRoth, RobertBookOrgan Lit
A-B-C’S of Parliamentary Procedure, TheAGOBkletProf Dev
AGO Chapter Outreach to New OrganistsCommittee on New OrganistBkletProf Dev
Chapter Management Handbook (1995)AGOBkletProf Dev
Church Musician and the Copyright Law, TheChurch Music PublishersBkletProf Dev
Church Musicians’ Guide to The Denominations (1994)AGO/RCCOBkletProf Dev
Musician’s Guide to the Denominations, A (1991)Raines, CharlesBkletProf Dev
National Bylaws (amended through 1999)AGOBkletProf Dev
Preaching to the ChoirSirota, VictoriaBookProf Dev
Procedure for Forming an AGO ChapterAGOBkletProf Dev
Rightful Use: Church Practices and Copyright LawPresbyterian Church (USA)BkletProf Dev