July 6-10, 2026 – St. Louis, Missouri

The Convention Structure

Officers of the Convention

Convention Coordinator
Burnell Hackman – Serves as the principal administrator of the convention.

Executive Assistant
Rick Burk – Acts as second in authority in the administration of the convention and backup to the Convention Coordinator in case of any emergency.

Executive Secretary
Kendra Ruesler – Serves as secretary for all meetings called by the Convention Coordinator.

Mike Kaberline – Serves as comptroller of the convention, Chair of the Finance Committee, and ex officio on the Gifts and Grants Committee.

Regina Morris – Serves as Chair of the Registration Committee and Establishes registration policies and fees, including online registration.


Mike Kaberline, Chair
A committee of members experienced in the world of finance together with the Treasurer and in close and frequent consultation with the Convention Coordinator, develop policies and procedures to manage the financial affairs of the convention.

Regina Morris, Chair
The Registration Committee is responsible for establishing registration procedures, receiving and recording convention fees, and staffing the registration desk at the convention.

Program Committees

New Music
The New Music Committee shall coordinate any and all new music commissioned for the convention.

The Performances Committee works with the Steering Committee to identify broad themes of the convention, and then schedule a variety of individual artists and groups to reflect those themes.

The Workshop committee shall propose, solicit and schedule Workshop Sessions.

The Worship Committee will plan all worship services of the convention.

Logistics Committees

The Facilities Committee coordinates arrangements for the use of all non-hotel facilities needed for the convention (principally churches, synagogues, concert halls, and schools).

The Housing Committee and it’s Chair will serve as the liaison between the Steering Committee and the hotel. 

The Transportation Committee is responsible for getting people from place to place, no matter the mode. This includes walking, using public transportation, using commercial transportation services that provide luxury coaches, and accommodating persons choosing to drive on their own.

The Exhibits Committee is responsible for the Exhibit Hall, for contacting exhibitors and providing them detailed information about exhibiting at the convention.

The Communications committee is responsible for gathering all information from the various convention committees and publishing this information in an artistic and convenient way to disseminate to the convention attendees in various formats, including convention book, mobile app, website, and handouts. Sub-committees include:
Information Technology
Mobile App
Social Media
Program Book

Other Standing Committees

The Advertising Committee collaborates with other convention committees, namely Program Book, Information Technology (for website and mobile app), Exhibits, Performances, and Promotion (tote bags, other opportunities), to avoid duplication of efforts in order to ensure that needs are met and advertisers are satisfied.

The Promotion Committee is responsible for serving as a liaison to all arms of the Guild and its extensive promotion of the convention.

Gifts and Grants
The Gifts and Grants Committee shall seek gifts and grants in support of the convention.

Hospitality Committee
Provide a warm and welcoming presence for those attending the Convention. There will be two Hospitality tables in the Convention hotel. People manning Hospitality desk need to be intimately familiar with the layout of the hotel, the amenities of the city, and the details of the convention schedule, including the transportation arrangements.

Volunteers Committee
Dawn Riske, Chair
It is important to involve as many host chapter members as possible in the day-to-day operations of a convention. The greater the number of chapter members who participate, the more widespread will be the feeling of accomplishment and pride in a successful event. Those performing in or attending the convention will appreciate the assistance and will be impressed by the host chapter’s enthusiasm and commitment!

Young Organist Committee
The Young Organist Committee supports the AGO’s commitment to fostering interest and enthusiasm for the organ among college, high school students, and youth.


These are individuals whose primary role as members of the Steering Committee are to coordinate planning and arrangements between the convention and the chapter membership, national competitions, and events.

These are individuals whose primary role as members of the Steering Committee are to coordinate planning and arrangements between the convention and the chapter membership, national competitions, and events.
Chapter Liaison = Chapter Dean
Rising Stars Liaison
National Young Artists Competition in Organ Performance Liaison
National Competition in Organ Improvisation Liaison

Ad-Hoc Committees

Will be formed as needed.

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