October 2017 Executive Committee Meeting

October 23, 2017
Executive Board Meeting (approved 2-19-2018)
St. Francis de Sales Oratory
265 Ohio Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri
5:30 p.m.
Dean:  Mark Scholtz                                         Sub-Dean:  Burnell Hackmann
Treasurer:  Mike Kaberline(Absent)              Secretary Cathy Cassy (Nancy Barbee filling in)
Executive Committee Present:  Bill Aitken, John Hawn, Stephen Jones, Mary Hitchcock-Reinhart, Nannette Tornblom, Lisa Cripe, Bill Stein, (Former Dean-Bill Wade).
Absent:  Luella Foster, Ted Cronbaugh
Committee Chairs Present:  Rene Zajner, Nancy Barbee
Handouts distributed:  Invitation to place advertisements in January Jubilee Program Book, Treasurer’s report, meeting agenda.
Meeting convened at 5:30
Minutes from September Meeting:  Page 2 corrected to replace “Finance Committee Report” with “January Jubilee Report”  Moved by Mike Kaberline, seconded by John Hawn.  All approved.
Treasurer’s Report:  National has granted $1000 for the January Jubilee.  Last month there was no deficit in the amount/cost for dinner receipts.  July 2017 through October 2017 the Chapter shows a net income of 2,876.04.  As of  October 23, 2017 the Chapter’s total assets are 23,237.04.
Bill Aitken moved, Mary Hitchcock-Reinhart seconded to approved the treasurer’s report.  All voted to approve.
Dean’s Report:  Mark has received information from the Kansas City Chapter about advertising in their convention brochure.  Ad costs are $1200 for a full page and $850 for 1/2 page.
Bill Aitken moved and Mike Kaberline seconded that we purchase a 1/2-page ad for $850.  All approved.
Mark noted that in his “from the Dean” in the November Opus he encourages members to submit names of members who are deserving of recognition at our annual meeting.  Those members who serve the chapter, and those who have reached milestones in their careers in our field ought to be recognized.
Sub-Dean’s  Report:  Burnell noted that because of an increase in parking fees for the Scottish Rite deck, it may be advisable to carpool.   The Opus editor added that on-street parking will be very reasonable (about $2) with enforcement ending at 7:00 pm.  See “The Details” in the November issue.
Registrar’s Report:  Brent Johnson reported that there have been 3 new members this month.
Social Media Report:  Rene said he was “concerned” about Facebook engagement.  He encourages people to submit their press releases to him for posting.
November event update:  John Hawn brought us up to date on the items that have been donated for the silent auction.
Old Business:  Mark reminded everyone of the need for people to step up to form a nominating committee!  (Before arm-twisting becomes necessary!)
The St. Louis Chapter has been considering sponsoring a Pipe Organ Encounter.  Bill Aitken moved, and John Hawn seconded a motion to sponsor a P.O.E. in the summer of 2019
The next meeting of the Board will be February 19 at Historic Trinity Lutheran in Soulard at 6:00 pm.
Burnell moved, and Stephen Jones seconded to adjourn.
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy A. Barbee, acting secretary
November, 2017 – Establish Nominating Committee to begin search for 2018 Elections
November 10, 2017 – Fundraiser at Scottish Rite Cathedral
January, 2018 –     Nominating Committee submits slate of officers and class of 2021 to the Board
January 26-27 –     January Jubilee
February, 2018 –   Elections for 2018 slate; Committee established for Avis Blewett nominations
February 19, 2018 – Open Console and Cocktails; Historic Trinity Lutheran in Soulard; Wes Kassulke and Jeff White, Hosts. 7:00 p.m.
March 1, 2018 –    Committee submits Avis Blewett Nominee to Executive Committee for approval
March 10, 2018 –   All day Organ Crawl to Springfield and Jacksonville, Illinois
March, 2018    –     2018 Elected Board Slate presented to the Executive Committee
May, 2018       –     Avis Blewett Award Ceremony and Installation of Officers
May 20, 2018  –     Recital by Clay Christiansen, Organist at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir;
                                 Manchester United Methodist Church; 3:00p.m.
May 21, 2018 –      Annual Dinner/Awards/Installation Meeting; Webster Groves Christian
                               Church; Lisa Cripe, host.
                               Dinner – 6:30 p.m., Meeting with Clay Christiansen as guest speaker                                                                                                                                                               June 1, 2018    –    State on-line Registration for Charter Number is due.
June 30, 2018  –   Refile Tax Exempt forms 990-N
June 30, 2018  –   Revision of Operating Procedures to align with National’s guidelines. (Every  other year process.  Last done in 2016).