May 2018 General Chapter and Awards Dinner Meeting

May 21, 2018
Webster Groves Christian Church
1320 West Lockwood Blvd
Glendale, MO 63122
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Attendees: Dean:  Mark ScholtzSub-Dean:  excusedTreasurer: Mike KaberlineSecretary:  Cathy Cassy
Present: 39 attended.
Dean Mark Scholtz opened the meeting at 7:10 pm and thanked our host, Lisa Cripe.
Cathy Cassy read minutes from last year’s General Chapter. Minutes were approved by a motion from Dawn Riske and seconded by John Hawn.
Mike Kaberline presented a budget overview: $5400 income from dues; $2100 income from “King of Instruments” sponsors, $8,074 from January Jubilee. Total income for the year is $14,737. Expenses included $7,831 for January Jubilee, $6400 for “King of Instruments,” $1500 in advertising to include an ad in the National Convention Booklet in Kansas City who have supported us in the past. The OPUS and Directory expenses included $2,271. This year’s adjustment to the dinner costs has stopped the deficit recognized in prior years and is $115 over the break-even now point. Costs in this area were $2075. Total expenses for the year stand at $20,648. With the funds carried over from prior years, we have a balance of $14,340 of which $5000 is designated for the 2019 summer POE.
Mark presented our 2018-2019 program venues for Burnell, who was out of town.
Cathy Bolduan recognized deceased guild or family members: Gene Cassy, Bill Stein’s Father, Bill Sullivan’s Father, and Peggy Nielsen.
The recipient of Avis Blewett Award was David Robertson, Director of the St. Louis Symphony recognizing his significant contribution to music in the St. Louis Area. He was unable to attend but did send a note of thanks. Avis Blewett Nominating committee included: Cathy Bolduan, Stephen Jones, Dawn Riske.
Recognition was given to Fern Black for 70 years as a member of AGO, and to Bob Mulgardt for 53years as an organist with 32 of those years being at St. Mark’s; and finally to the outgoing members of the Executive Board’s class of 2018, William Aitken, Stephen Jones, Nannette Tornblom for their contributions and work on the Executive Board.
District Convener, Bill Wade installed the newly elected St. Louis AGO Class of 2021 members, Nick Botkins, Bob Chamberlin, Timothy Jansen; and Jeff White as the new sub-dean. Burnell Hackman was out of town, but will be the new Chapter Dean.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30 with guest speaker, Clay Christiansen, former organist of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir giving a presentation immediately following the meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Cassy
Executive Committee Secretary