August 2018 Executive Committee Minutes

August 20, 2018
Executive Board Meeting (approved w/revision 9-24-18)
Peace Lutheran Church
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The King of Instruments Radio Show
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Dean:  Burnell Hackman Sub-Dean:  Jeff White
Treasurer: Mike Kaberline Secretary:  Cathy Cassy

Executive Committee Present: Bob Chamberlin, Lisa Cripe, Ted Cronbaugh, John Hawn, Bill Stein
Excused: Mary Hitchcock-Reinhart, Luella Foster, Timothy Jansen
Absent: Nick Botkins
Committee Chairs Present: Nancy Barbee, Dawn Riske, Rene Zajner
Meeting convened at 7:00
Minutes from February 19, 2018 meeting were approved unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report: For the Fiscal Year July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018: Total Income: $16,186.70; Total Expenses: $24,427.36; leaving an $8,240.66 loss.
The June 30, 2018 Asset amount is $12,120.34.  Net income from July 1, 2018 to present (8-20-18) is $4,562.30. Current Total Liabilities and Equity are: $16,682.64 and a current balance of $12,120.34.
The treasurer’s report was unanimously approved.
Mike motioned that the Board continue to give $100.00 to the National Annual Fund.  Motion was approved unanimously.
Sub-Dean Report: Jeff reported that a new venue may be needed for the May Awards/Installation.
Old Business
February Flourish Report: To be held Saturday, February 9the at Kirkwood United Methodist Church.  Dawn reported that National asked us to do another January Jubilee since none are being planned anywhere. She told them we had already planned a February Flourish and they offered to give $1000 to help support it.
POE – Burnell reported for Horst (who is out of town) on the 2019 POE progress. The dates of July 28-August 2, 2019 are set. The artists signed at this time are Nicole Keller from Cleveland and local artist Fred Hohman. The proposed budget is $17,680. A motion was made by Mike Kaberline to approve the budget. Jeff White seconded. Motion approved unanimously.
King of Instruments: Discussion was held on the viability of being able to continue sponsoring the radio program.  Program costs for the “King of Instruments” radio program from July 2017 through June 2018 included: Program expenses of $6400 and Income of $2,125 leaving a loss of $4275.00, Overall program expenses from March 2016 through May 2018 were $17,850; overall income from March 2016 – June 2018 were $5,818.00 leaving a $12,032 loss. The need to get more sponsorship is key to sustaining the program. Present contract is good through December 2018. More discussion on this at the September meeting. Seeking to ask for a committee to help the program flourish.
Regional Competition – Bill Stein, as Regional Quimby Competition Coordinator, asked the Executive Committee if it would be open to sponsoring a competition. It would need to be held between February 13th and April 1st of 2019. Winner completes in National. Our operating procedures have guidelines for competitions. Bill will develop a proposed budget and we’ll discuss at September meeting.
Registrar/Membership: Lisa is contacting members to update their membership. Regina is working on the directory membership listings. A question was posed on how the Avis Blewett awardees were to be listed. Should they be listed only in the front of the directory as an awardee or both as an awardee and a member. Clarification was made that their listing is as an Avis Blewett awardee not as a member, unless they have personally paid dues. Two exceptions to this are Pat Partridge and Marie Kremer.  They have lifetime chapter membership.
Lisa motioned that we review our Operating Procedures, Section IB-Non-Voting Members regarding the CHAPTER FRIENDS to address the cost of dues for those who may not receive payment for their work.
A committee is being formed to revise our Operating Procedures and can then review this section.
Revision requested by Lisa Cripe to change the above highlighted phrase to say: … to expand the definition of CHAPTER FRIENDS to include anyone interested in supporting and attending local AGO activities only.
OPUS Newsletter:  Burnell complemented Nancy on her work setting up the OPUS. After seeing other newsletters, the OPUS is one of the best. Nancy’s hard drive crashed and she’s lost all of her advertising copy. Rene will help with file recovery.
Social Media: Rene is asking for a lump sum for advertising rather than the present $50 per event. He’ll develop a proposed budget to present at the September meeting. He mentioned that possibly a “Tech Soup” license (if approved) would be part of the need for a set amount to be incorporated into the budget. Jeff White agreed to be the public figure for Rene to video for Chapter events/news.  Rene is scanning archived editions of the OPUS onto the website.  He will take individual Board member pictures on September 24th.
New Business
Advertising: Burnell has billed advertisers for the OPUS for this year. The last couple of year’s billing notices were not sent out. We are not expecting back payment, just the amount for this year to get caught up.  Only 3 payments are outstanding.
Burnell motioned that we revise and simplify our advertising costs. He presented the proposal in written form. Jeff motioned to accept and John and Mike seconded. Motion was accepted unanimously. (See attached). It will take effect July 1, 2019.
Resource Librarian: Barbara Raedeke is preparing a Lending Library listing which will be published on our website.
Operating Procedures: A committee was formed to revise the Chapter Operating Procedures to align with National’s. They have not been revised since 2016. Committee members are: Burnell Hackmann, Jeff White, Mike Kaberline, Rene Zahner, Cathy Cassy. Burnell with check with Bill Wade and one committee member “at-large.”
Adjourn: Mike motioned and John seconded to adjourn at 8:15pm. All approved.
Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Cassy
Executive Committee Secretary
Official Documents Dates and Activities to Remember:
June 1, 2018    –    State on-line Registration for Charter Number is due.
June 30, 2018  –   Refile Tax Exempt forms 990-N
June 30, 2018  –   Revision of Operating Procedures to align with National’s guidelines. (Every  other year process.  Last done in 2016).
September 24 – Executive Board Meeting and “Psalmody Workshop” by Dr. Clint McCann from Eden Seminary, Hope United Church of Christ, 6272 Eichelberger St.
October 15 – Executive Board Meeting and “Creative Hymn Playing” Program, Christ the King Catholic Church, 7316 Balson Avenue
November 5 – Jennifer Pascual Program, Trinity Presbyterian Church 6800 Washington
February 9, 2019 – February Flourish, Kirkwood United Methodist Church
February 25 – Executive Board Meeting, “Working with Older Voices” Program presented by Dr. Nicole Adlridge, St. John’s Lutheran Church, 3738 Morganford Rd.
March 1, 2019 –    Committee submits Avis Blewett Nominee to Executive Committee for approval
March 25, — Executive Board Meeting and Members’ Recital Music for Lent and Easter, Third Baptist Church, 620 North Grand
March, 2019    –   2018 Elected Board Slate presented to the Executive Committee
May 20, 2019 – Annual Meeting and Organist Trivia, Location TBD