September 2018 Executive Committee Minutes

September 24, 2018
Executive Board Meeting (approved 10-15-18)
Hope United Church of Christ – 6272 Eichelberger St.
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Dean:  Burnell Hackman Sub-Dean:  Jeff White
Treasurer: Mike Kaberline Secretary:  Cathy Cassy

Executive Committee Present: Horst Buchholz, Bob Chamberlin, Lisa Cripe, Ted Cronbaugh, Mary Hitchcock-Reinhart, Luella Foster, Timothy Jansen, Bill Stein
Excused: John Hawn
Appointed and Committee Chairs Present: Regina Morris, Dawn Riske, Rene Zajner
Meeting convened at 5:30 pm 
Dean’s Report: Nick Botkins sent Burnell his letter of resignation from the Board as he has taken the position of Director of Music at the Proto-Cathedral of Saint James the Greater in Vancouver, Washington. Horst Buchholz agreed to fill the open position.
Minutes from August 20, 2018 meeting were approved with a revision requested by Lisa Cripe regarding CHAPTER FRIENDS being reviewed by Operating Procedures committee to now read: “expand the definition of CHAPTER FRIENDS to include anyone interested in supporting and attending local AGO activities only. The second is a revision in the RCYO section to read: “the competition winner” will compete in Regional” not National. Mike K. motioned to approve, Jeff W. seconded all approved with revision inserted.
Treasurer’s Report: The September 24, 2018 Asset amount is $17,308.23.  Net income from July 1, 2018 to present (9-24-18) is $5,187.89. Expenses from July 1, 2018 to 9-24-18 were $390.41. Current Total Liabilities and Equity are: $17,308.23. Mike presented a comparison report of Income and Expenses for 2018 vs. 2017.
The year 2018 showed an increase of $1,997.80 in Income and an increase of $514.31 in expenses over the same time period.
Bill Stein motioned to approve. Bob Chamberlin seconded. Report was unanimously approved.
Sub-Dean Report: There is a venue change for November 5th program.  It will now be at Peace Lutheran. Jennifer Pascual will hold a master’s class. Anyone interested in being a student that night, contact Jeff. Three students are needed. Chapter members are offered a 20% off ticket for J. Pascual’s concert on November 3. Members are also needed to play the March members’ recital. A new host is needed for the May Meeting. Contact Jeff White or Burnell Hackman if interested.
Old Business
February Flourish Report: To be held Saturday, February 9the at Kirkwood United Methodist Church. Ours is the only one being held nation-wide. National will provide a $1000 toward expenses. Goal is for 60 people to attend. Cost is $25.00 to include lunch. Exhibitors include: Concordia, M & R Music, Morningstar
POE –The dates of July 28-August 2, 2019 are set. The artists signed at this time are Nicole Keller from Cleveland and local artist Fred Hohman. At present, Horst has received $5000 in grant funding including $500 from the Organ Builders Association. Fontbonne has agreed to housing the POE students.
King of Instruments: Burnell presented an idea for Friends of King of Instruments. This would be a team to work toward finding sponsors and helping the radio program maintain and grow.
Regional Competition – Bill Stein, presented additional information on the guidelines and finances of the Regional Quimby Competition It would need to be held between February 13th and April 1st of 2019. Winner would receive $400 per our chapter Operating Procedures. Minnesota is the only other chapter in our region hosting a competition. Competitors must be from this region or going to school here. Bill offered to host the competition at Kirkwood Presbyterian. Bill motioned that the chapter host an RCYO on March 23, 2019 at First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood. Mike seconded. Motion approved unanimously.
Registrar/Membership: Regina and Lisa continue to update membership database. At present there are 145 members with 24 invoiced who have not yet paid. Seven of the 17 who were given 6 months membership with the January Jubilee registration joined as full members.
Social Media: Website is redesigned. No longer any submenus. Any content on the site for specific information such as Community Events, etc. will be the responsibility of the individual in charge to update. The list of Educational Resources from Barbara Raedeke is now posted on site. Rene posted a position for Media Specialist. Discussion on length of posting for job positions and thought of charging a fee for the posting was held. Our Operating Procedures have our current policy on job listings.
Resource Librarian: Barbara Raedeke prepared a Lending Library listing which is now published under Professional Resources on our website.  She’s asked for $400 to be used to update the VHS tapes and CD’s to DVD. She’ll write an article about the Resources for OPUS.  Jeff motioned to give Barbara $400 to replace/update educational resources. Mary Hitchcock-Reinhart seconded. Motion approved unanimously.
Operating Procedures: Bill Wade agreed to chair the Chapter Operating Procedures revision align with National’s Operating Procedures. Committee members are: Burnell Hackmann, Jeff White, Mike Kaberline, Rene Zahner, Cathy Cassy and one committee member “at-large.”
New Business
-Bob Chamberlin was suggested as a possible program presenter.
-OPUS idea: Interview new members (one for each edition)
-Ask a McKendree student to play for Jennifer Pascual’s Master’s Class program.
Adjourn: Bob motioned, and Bill seconded to adjourn at 6:16pm. All approved.
Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Cassy, Executive Committee Secretary
Official Documents Dates and Activities to Remember:
2018  –   Revision of Operating Procedures to align with National’s guidelines. (Every other year process.  Last done in 2016).
October 15, 2018 – Executive Board Meeting and “Creative Hymn Playing” Program, Christ the King Catholic Church, 7316 Balson Avenue
November 5, 2018 – Jennifer Pascual Program, Peace Lutheran Church, 737 Barracksview Rd
December 30, 2019– Names of candidates for Executive Board Elections secured and submitted
February 9, 2019 – February Flourish, Kirkwood United Methodist Church
February 25 – Executive Board Meeting, “Working with Older Voices” Program presented by Dr. Nicole Adlridge, St. John’s Lutheran Church, 3738 Morganford Rd.
March 1, 2019 –    Committee submits Avis Blewett Nominee to Executive Committee for approval
March 23, 2019 – Regional Quimby Competition, First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood
March 25, — Executive Board Meeting and Members’ Recital Music for Lent and Easter, Third Baptist Church, 620 North Grand
March, 2019    –   2019 Elected Board Slate presented to the Executive Committee
May 20, 2019 – Annual Meeting and Organist Trivia, Location TBD
July 28 – August 2, 2019 – POE
June 1, 2019    –    State on-line Registration for Charter Number is due.
June 30, 2019  –   Refile Tax Exempt forms 990-N
July 1, 2019 – Officer name changes on accounts or documents, website accounts if needed