Episode 52 – January 29, 2017


Our new incarnation of The King of Instruments has been on the air in St. Louis for one year. In episode 52 we look back at our this first year and pick up some works that were cut of our episodes, or that we couldn’t find a place for.

Hosts: Mark Scholtz, Bill Stein, Brent Johnson
Title: Intrada
Composer: Grayston Ives
Organist: Clive Driskill-Smith
Album: The Organs of Eton College, Vol 1 – OxRecs OXCD-65
Organ: 1885 IV/63 Hill/Mander, Eton College Chapel, Windsor, England

Title: This is the record of John
Composer: Orlando Gibbons
Organist: Andrew Cantrill
Album: From Darkness to Light: An Advent Procession – Raven OAR 630
Organ: 1877 IV/69 Lewis/Croft, Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul, Wellington, New Zealand

Title: Melodies from Japan – Makkana Aki (Red Autumn) Lewis Wong, Violin
Composer: Yui Kitamura
Organist: Chelsea Chen
Album: Eastern Treasures – Con Brio CBR21141
Organ: 2004 IV/45 Garland, Brentwood Trail Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas, USA

Title: Sonata no. 2 – Fugue in five voices, maestoso
Composer: Eugene Thayer
Organist: Karl Moyer
Album: As the Dew From Heaven Distilling – Raven OAR 290
Organ: 1865 I/11 E and GG Hook/Andover, First Congregational Church, Orwell, Vermont, USA

Title: Chant de paix (9 Pièces)
Composer: Jean Langlais
Organist: Carlo Curley
Album: Brightly Shining – Argo 430 837-2
Organ: 1933 IV/106 EM Skinner, Girard College Chapel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Title: Evening Canticles in D minor – Magnificat
Composer: Sasha Johnson Manning
Organist: William Aitken
Album: A Year in Saint Louis – Regent REGCD415
Organ: 2001 III/53 Mander, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Title: University of Oklahoma School Chant
Composer: Jessie Lone Clarkson Gilkie
Organist: John D Schwandt
Album: The Sooner Tradition
Organ: 1931 III/14 Moller, Paul F. Sharp Concert Hall, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Title: Chanson de Matin, op. 15 no. 2
Composer: Edward Elgar
Organist: Simon Nieminski
Album: Sir Edward Meets Father Willis – Pro Organo SACD 7199
Organ: 1897 IV/66 Willis, St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland

Title: Symphony No. 3 in F-sharp minor, op. 28
I. Allegro Maestoso
II. Cantilène
III. Intermezzo
IV. Adagio
V. Final
Composer: Louis Vierne
Organist: Maxine Thévenot
Album: L’Orgue Magnifique – Raven OAR 909
Organ: 1933 IV/106 EM Skinner, Girard College Chapel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA