Episode 158 – February 10, 2019

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This Sunday we go to Scotland to hear organs in that country.
Hosts: Mark Scholtz, Bill Stein, Brent Johnson

Title: Theme with Variations and Fugue
Composer: Alfred Hollins
Organist: Timothy Byram-Wigfield
Album: Alfred Hollins Organ Works – Delphian DCD34044
Organ: 1923 IV/50 Harrison and Harrison, Caird Hall, Dundee, Scotland
Sheetmusic: PDF

Title: Voluntary in G minor op. 6 no. 9
Composer: Samuel Wesley
Organist: John Kitchen
Album: Organs in Glasgow – Delphian DCD 34032
Organ: 1866 II/16 Willis/Andrew Watt & Son, St. Margaret’s, Knightswood, Scotland

Title: Nun freut dich sehr, O meine Seele
Title: Nun danket alle Gott
Composer: Sigfrid Karg-Elert
Organist: John Butt
Album: Organs in Glasgow – Delphian DCD 34032
Organ: 1965 II/21 Hill and Son, St. Bride’s Episcopal Church, Hyndland, Scotland

Title: Overture To St. Paul
Composer: Felix Mendelssohn
Organist: Timothy Byram-Wigfield
Album: The Kelvingrove Organ – Delphian DCD 34004
Organ: 1901 III/55 Lewis, Kelvingrove Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland

Title: Psalm Prelude no. 2, Set 2
Composer: Herbert Howells
Organist: Herrick Bunney
Album: EMI Great Cathedral Organ Series, Vol 3 – Amphion PHI CD 162
Organ: 1878 III/87 Harrison and Harrison/Willis, St. Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland
Sheetmusic: Purchase sheetmusic

Title: Fugue in D minor
Composer: Johann Pachelbel
Organist: Matthew Owens
Album: Johann Pachelbel Organ Works Vol 2 – Delphian DCD 34031
Organ: 1998 II/24 Frobenius, Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh, Scotland
Sheetmusic: Purchase sheetmusic

Composer: André Campra
Organist: John Kitchen
Album: Gaudeamus Igitur – Delphian DCD 34163
Organ: 1897 IV/62 Hope-Jones/Forth, McEwan Hall, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

Title: Variations on Auld Lang Syne, op. 30
Composer: Eugene Thayer
Organist: Simon Nieminski
Album: The Organ at the Grand Lodge – Pro Organo CD 7240
Organ: 1913 III/33 Brindley and Foster/Forth, Freemason’s Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland
Sheetmusic: Purchase sheetmusic