Episode 154 – January 13, 2019

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We continue our G-themed shows today with some modern organ music from the country of Germany.
Hosts: Mark Scholtz, Bill Stein, Brent Johnson

Title: Variationen über ein Thema von Beethoven
Composer: Carsten Lenz
Organist: Iris and Carsten Lenz
Album: Vierhändige Orgelwerke 1 – Lenz CD 001
Organ: 1995 III/61 Férster and Nicolaus, St. Stephanus, Polch, Germany

Title: Intermezzo
Composer: Johannes Mayr
Organist: Johannes Mayr
Album: Orgelkonzert – ORGANPromotion OP 8006
Organ: 1776 II/26 Holzey/Klais, St. Johannes Ev., Ursberg, Germany
Title: Pastorella
Organ: 1793 III/36 Holzey/Klais, Saint Verena Parish Church, Rot-an-der-Rot, Germany

Title: Introduction, Scherzo and Fugue On B-E-A-T-E
Composer: Toni Zahnbrecher
Organist: Craig Cramer
Album: Craig Cramer plays the Fritts Organ at St Joseph Cathedral Columbus, Ohio – JAV JAV 174
Organ: 2006 III/91 Fritts, St. Joseph Cathedral, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Title: Three Impressions, op. 72 – La Nuit
Composer: Sigfrid Karg-Elert
Organist: Ken Cowan
Album: Art of the Symphonic Organist, Vol 4 – JAV JAV369
Organ: 2004 V/155 Quimby, First Baptist Church, Jackson, Mississippi, USA
Sheetmusic: PDF Purchase sheetmusic

Title: Intonationes breves – Primi Toni
Composer: Sébastian Anton Scherer
Organist: Michel Chapuis
Album: A L’Orgue de la Cathedrale de St Pons de Thomieres – XCP Montpelier XCP 5018
Organ: 1771 III/46 Micot, Cathedral of Saint-Pons de Thomières, Saint-Pons de Thomières, France
Sheetmusic: PDF Purchase sheetmusic

Title: French Toccata on Helmut
Composer: Ralf Bölting
Organist: Emanuele Cardi and Gianfranco Nicoletti
Album: Tchaikovsky and Saint-Saëns – Brilliant Classics 94881
Organ: III/52 Mascioni, Church of Santi Cosma e Damiano, Vairano, Italy
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