Episode 103 – January 21, 2018

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This week we continue with the letter A with Allemandes and Arabesques. We also hear from January Jubilee Director Dawn Riske.
Hosts: Mark Scholtz, Bill Stein, Brent Johnson

Title: Allemande d’amor
Composer: Anonymous
Organist: Gustav Leonhardt
Album: North German Organ Music – Sony Classical SK 53371
Organ: 1555 III/44 Raphaëlis/Marcussen and Son, Roskilde Cathedral, Roskilde, Denmark

Title: French Suite no. 5 In G (BWV 816) – I. Allemande
Composer: JS Bach
Organist: Cameron Carpenter
Album: All You Need Is Bach – Sony 88875178262
Organ: 2014 V/0 Marshall and Ogletree, International Touring Organ
Sheetmusic: PDF Purchase sheetmusic

Title: Sonata en mi menor (BWV 1023) – II. Allemande Horacio Franco, recorder
Composer: JS Bach
Organist: José Suárez
Album: Órganos Históricos de Oaxaca, México, Vol 2 –
Organ: 1717 I/16 Chávez/Tattershall, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, Oaxaca, Mexico

Title: Allemande
Composer: Henri du Mont
Organist: Michel Chapuis
Album: L’Orgue de la Chapelle royale de Versailles – Plenum Vox PV004
Organ: 1711 IV/58 Clicquot/Cattiaux, Chapelle Royale, Versailles, France
Sheetmusic: PDF

Title: Sonate en sol mineur pour Violoncelle et Basse Continue (RV 42) – II. Allemanda, Andante Benoît Loiselle, Cello
Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
Organist: Vincent Boucher
Album: Vivaldi Sonate e Concerti – ATMA Classique ACD2 2568
Organ: 1973 III/45 Wilhelm, St. Matthias Church, Westmount, Quebec, Canada

Title: Allemande, op. 166 no. 3 César Velev, Violin
Composer: Josef Gabriel Rheinberger
Organist: Domenico Severin
Album: Romantica – Syrius SYR 141441
Organ: 1928 III/44 Rickenbach/Gaillard, St. Etienne, Cernay, France
Sheetmusic: PDF Purchase sheetmusic

Title: Deuxième Arabesque
Composer: Claude Debussy
Organist: Christopher Allsop
Album: The English Cathedral Series, Vol XVIII – Regent REGCD449
Organ: 2008 IV/66 Tickell, Worchester Cathedral (Quire Organ), Worcester, England
Sheetmusic: PDF Purchase sheetmusic

Title: Ave Maris Stella (Arabesque for organ solo)
Composer: Ian de Massini
Organist: Anne Page
Album: Ave Maris Stella – Regent REGCD436
Organ: 2007 II/31 Tickell, Little St. Mary’s, Cambridge, England

Title: Arabesque from 24 Pieces in Free Style
Composer: Louis Vierne
Organist: Brenda Lynne Leach
Album: Windswept – Pro Organo CD 7237
Organ: 2002 IV/89 Berghaus, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA
Sheetmusic: PDF Purchase sheetmusic

Title: Symphonies d’Alcione – Chaconne Transcribed by Henk Verhoef
Composer: Marin Marais
Organist: Mark Pacoe
Album: Crossroads – Acis APL21653
Organ: 1935 III/43 Aeolian-Skinner/Peragallo, St. Malachy’s, New York, New York, USA

Title: Arabesque sur les Flutes
Composer: Jean Langlais
Organist: Robert Noehren
Album: A Temple of Tone – Pro Organo CD 7019
Organ: 1962 III/55 Reuter, Denver University Whatley Chapel, Denver, Colorado, USA
Sheetmusic: Purchase sheetmusic

Title: Arabesque
Composer: Olivier Latry
Organist: Stephen Tharp
Album: Stephen Tharp Plays The Anderson Organ – JAV JAV 160
Organ: 2005 IV/118 Casavant, Brick Presbyterian Church, New York, New York, USA

Title: Grand Plein jeu avec Anches en Taille (sur le Magnificat Allemand)
Composer: Bedos de Celles
Organist: Michel Chapuis
Album: A L’Orgue de la Cathedrale de St Pons de Thomieres – XCP Montpelier XCP 5018
Organ: 1771 III/46 Micot, Cathedral of Saint-Pons de Thomières, Saint-Pons de Thomières, France