February 2017 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 13, 2017 (approved August 2017)
5:30 p.m., Hope UCC, 6273 Eichelberger
St. Louis, MO 63109
Website: agostlouis.org. Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/agostlouis
The King of Instruments Radio Show
Sundays at 6:00 pm on Radio Arts Foundation 107.3 FM – 96.3Hd2 – RAFSTL.ORG
Attendees: Dean: Mark Scholtz, Sub-Dean:  Burnell Hackman, Treasurer: Mike Kaberline, Secretary:  Cathy Cassy
Executive Committee Present: Bill Aitken, Phillip Brunswick, Ted Cronbaugh, Stephen Jones, John Hawn, Mary Hitchcock-Reinhart, Nannette Tornblom, Jeff White, Mary Beth Wittry, Dawn Riske-Past Dean.
Absent: Stephen Jones (excused)
Committee Chairs Present: Nancy Barbee-OPUS, Brent Johnson-Registrar/Exam Coordinator,
Rene Zajner-Social Media/Website/Photographer.
Call to Order: Dean Mark Scholtz called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.
Review of the Minutes: Minutes of the November 14, 2016 were unanimously approved. Motion to approve made by Jeff and seconded by Mike.
Treasurer’s Report: The Cash Reserved Fidelity Account has now been closed and funds were transferred to Bank of America. The February 13th Bank of America checking balance was $23,963.82; Special Savings funds, designated for future events, was $4,798.66 totaling $28,612.48 in current assets. A Net income loss of $4,909.24 was reported. Motion to approve treasurer’s report was made by Bill A. and seconded by Jeff.
An overview of the Treasurer’s report showed a loss of over $500 on the expense of the dinners. The cost of the dinners has increased to $11.50 and no additional charge had been passed on to members. Mary Beth made a motion to increase the member cost of dinner to $15.00 beginning with the 2017-2018 program venue.  Motion passed unanimously.
Dean’s Report: There were 2 items passed through email vote prior to tonight’s meeting due to time constraints.
ACTION 1: Mark motioned and Jeff seconded that: “To approve $5200 to underwrite the next 52 weeks of The King of Instruments radio program, and to encourage increased efforts by members of the Executive Committee and Chapter in securing sponsorships to repay this expenditure.” Motion passed.
ACTION 2: Mark Motioned and Mike seconded that:
Suzanne Manelli, James Threlkeld, and Phillip Brunswick are nominated to be the Nominating Committee to develop a slate of four chapter members in good standing to be elected by the Chapter Membership to fill the vacancies of the three members of the Executive Committee Class of 2017 whose terms will expire at the Chapter’s annual meeting in May. Motion passed
-Upcoming POE’s: Advance POE in Seattle this summer.
-Technical POE in Atlanta by Association of Pipe Organ Builders.
Notices will be put in the OPUS to advertise both. Let Mark know if interested in attending.
The Revised Operating procedures have been posted online since November. All members were asked to review and submit any changes. General membership vote will take place tonight.
NOTE: Membership voted at tonight’s dinner meeting and the Operating Procedures were approved.
Signatures for approval were obtained on the form to send off with copies of our proposed Operating Procedures for National Approval.
Volunteers are needed for the Avis Blewett Award Committee. Mary Beth, Dawn volunteered to be on the committee.  Possibly 2 others are needed. It was noted that pg. 14 of the Operating Procedures states that the award does not have to be given out every year.
Sub-Dean Report: – Burnell submitted a draft of the proposed program of events for 2017-2018.
Monday, September 25 – Members’ Recital
Monday, October 23 – Gregorian Chant and Organ Music and Motets based on Chant, St. Francis de Sales Oratory
November – Fund-raiser at Scottish Rite Cathedral (2 possible open dates: Nov.10 or 17), John Hawn is the Committee Chairman.
Saturday, January 27 – January Jubilee
Monday, February 19 – Open Console and Cocktails, Trinity Lutheran in Soulard
Saturday, March 10 – Organ Crawl to Springfield and Jacksonville, Illinoi
Sunday, May 20 – 3:00 pm – Recital by Clay Christiansen, Organist of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Manchester United Methodist Church
Monday, May 21 -Annual Meeting with Clay Christiansen as guest speaker.
Dawn is heading the January Jubilee Committee. They are working on scheduling a Friday night concert.
An ad will go in to the Kansas City Convention Program Booklet.
Registrar: We have 146 members.  OnCard has a slight bug but they are working on it. The King of Instruments is going well. Brent was able to get 2 shows out of the last taping. They are looking for people to perform on the show. They can use soloists as well as organists. All that apply will be made aware that applying does not ensure a spot.
OPUS Newsletter: Deadline for the March OPUS will be earlier than February 15th. Nancy suggested that the extra issues of OPUS be sent to Colleges, Universities, Churches. Brent clarified that copies are sent to Colleges and Universities. Send him information on Churches that may be interested and he will add them to the list.
Finance Committee: Jeff reported that Dennis completed the Audit in December.
Nominating Committee: Members include: Phillip Brunswick, Committee Chairman, James Threlkeld and Suzanne Manelli. Phillip suggested that publicity go out in December to members and invite them to express their interest in being on the Executive Board. The committee will present the complete slate at the next meeting.
Social Media: Rene discussed the social media statistics and the results of Facebook ads: The Sacred Music Seminars” at Cathedral Basilica and the Zahorsky Concert invitation. As the process grows and builds, a billing process for the Ads is being set-up by Mike. Rene’s media reports included the Event, Objective, Cost, Results, and number of people reached. The website has a new look with a Syllabus (upcoming calendar of events) on the opening page. Statistics showed that the top 4 countries of the viewers are on our site were from: USA-82%, Russia-6%, Canada-3% and Germany 2%. The top 4 pages viewed the most (Landing Pages) were: the Syllabus -56%, Networking (Jobs) -8%, Events-6%, King of Instruments – 1.5%.
March 20th dinner is cancelled; therefore the meeting will move to 6:00 PM at Kirkwood UCC.
Respectfully submitted,
Cathy Cassy
Executive Committee Secretary
Next Meeting –  March 20, 2017- 6:00 PM Executive Meeting, No dinner, 7:30 PM – Program with Christopher Soer of Quimby Organ Company; Kirkwood United Church of Christ, 1603 Dougherty Ferry Rd. Kirkwood, 63122.
Official Documents Dates and Activities to Remember:
February 28th, 2017 – Nominating Committee submits slate for Class of 2019
March 1, 2017 – Committee submits Avis Blewett Nominee to Executive Committee for approval
May 21, 2017 – Avis Blewett Award Ceremony and Installation of Officers; Kirkwood United Methodist Church; Guest speaker-James Thomashire
June 1, 2017 – State on-line Registration for Charter Number is due.
June 30, 2017 – Refile Tax Exempt forms 990-N
June 30, 2018 – Revision of Operating Procedures to align with National’s guidelines.