St. Mark Lutheran Church ELCA of Belleville, IL is currently seeking applicants for the position of Choir Director and the position of Organist. Please indicate in which position you are interested, or if you are interested in both positions.

Please send your resume to St. Mark Lutheran Church, 105 E. D Street, Belleville, Illinois 62220, Attention: Search Committee

Job Title: Organist and/or Choir Director

Job Duties and Responsibilities for Organist

  • Play for all services for St. Mark Lutheran Church or hosted by St. Mark Lutheran Church. (Church sanctuary has a custom-built Buzard pipe organ).
  • Accompany the Choir during practice.
  • Play for weddings and funerals held at St. Mark Lutheran Church, with right of first refusal.

Job Duties and Responsibilities for Choir Director

  • Plan and coordinate the music program, provide leadership and resources to other musicians active in the program.
  • Schedule and conduct Vocal choir when participating in worship.
  • Conduct and hold all seasonal weekly rehearsals of the Adult Voice choir or any other ensembles.
  • Educate and coach all musicians participating in the program, recruit and facilitate participation within the congregation.
  • Make available new resources and ideas to program participants.
  • Maintain the music library and supervise the maintenance of all instruments owned by St. Mark congregation.

Job Duties and Responsibilities Common to Both Positions

  • Participate in the planning of regular and special worship and other musical activities in the congregation.
  • Attend regular staff meetings and work with the Pastor, Worship Committee and other Congregational Committees for short and long-term planning, including selection of hymns for all services.
  • Determine and submit to the Budget Committee annual requirements for the music program and administer and oversee the expenditures of the approved budget dollars.
  • Participate with the Church staff, Pastor, and other leaders in facilitating congregational goals, assuming responsibility for tasks as mutually agreed with the supervising Pastor and Worship Committee or other leaders (i.e. Pastoral Care Committee or Church Council).
  • Participate with the staff of St. Georges Episcopal Church, Rector and Music Director to facilitate mutual goals and harmony.
  • Maintain professional competency encouraged by practicing, performing, attending continuing educational opportunities, seminars and reading professional journals.
  • Maintain an open ecumenical frame of mind so as to enhance the worship experience from differing points of view.

Skills / Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in music, church music or other related degree. (preferred but not necessary)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of or willingness to learn Lutheran Liturgical practice, and use of music in worship especially within the ELCA.
  • Demonstrated ability and working knowledge of instruments, (piano and organ).
  • Experience and competency in directing Voice Choirs.
  • Ability to work well with others and participate collegially with staff, Pastors and congregational leaders.
  • Ability to work well with the staff, Rector, Director of Music and others at St. Georges Episcopal Church, with whom St. Mark Lutheran Church shares the church facilities.

Expires 9/8/2023