Gethsemane Lutheran Church, ELCA, 3600 South Hampton Ave. is seeking an organist.

Organist responsibilities: 

1. Provide prelude, offertory, and postlude, and accompany all hymns and liturgy for all services.   

2. Accompany all choir rehearsals.   

3. Rehearse with and accompany any soloists, small groups, instrumentalists, and bells in worship, as needed.  

4. Take part in occasional special rehearsals for services, as available.  

5. Provide music for weddings, rehearsals, and funerals, when available, at fees established by the Congregation Council, to be paid by the event participants.  Organist has first right of refusal for wedding and funeral music. 

6. The organist may use church instruments for private lessons.  S/he is personally responsible for all taxation and accounting obligations that might arise from generating self-employment income received from private instruction, weddings and rehearsals, and funerals. 

7. If s/he chooses to be absent for additional Sundays beyond the allotted paid vacation Sundays, the organist is responsible for finding her/his own replacement and compensating that individual.  

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per week, including preparation, rehearsals and worship; additional time will be required during festival seasons. 

Compensation and benefits: 

1. The position will be salaried, to be paid bi-monthly.  

2. Salary: $18,000 annually  

3. Paid vacation: 4 Sundays per contract year.

Please contact Dr. Aria Thomé, DSM at the church or at 480-290-6369 (text only please)

Expires: 10/13/2023