2009 September POE 2010 Planning Cmte Minutes

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2010 St. Louis POE Steering Committee


September 21, 2009 Meeting

Present: Andrew Peters — Director/Chair

Cathy Cassy . Housing Coordinator

Denis Doelling . Treasurer

Brent Johnson . Funding Coordinator

Stephen Mager . Publicity Coordinator

Emily Pearce . Secretary/Registrar

Janet Spencer . Faculty Coordinator

Absent: J.D. Brooks . Facilities Coordinator; Bruce Ludwick, Jr — Transportation Coordinator

1. Director Andrew Peters called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Upper Room at Second Presbyterian Church.

Andrew asked each member to introduce themselves. Each Coordinator received the AGO National Handbook for POE Notebook for reference/guidance.

2. The group discussed the Registration price to charge per POE Student. National AGO sets the range from $375-$450. Denis Doelling distributed the 2006 St. Louis POE Budget/Operations Financial Statement for reference. It was noted that costs of the David Christie Recital were not an original part of the 2006 POE; it had financial support from the St. Louis Chapter.

Brent Johnson moved that the Early Registration fee for the 2010 St. Louis POE be $395 per student and Regular Registration be $450. Stephen Mager seconded. After further discussion the motion passed unanimously.

3. Andrew shared preliminary ideas for Faculty/Recitalists for the 2010 POE. Per general discussions with Karen McFarlane it.s understood that teachers only need airfare and housing. A full recital fee would be needed for a recitalist who would give a full recital during the POE while still teaching for free. A teacher would be needed for every two 2010 POE students, e.g. 25 Registrants would need 13 teachers for afternoon lessons.

Possible Teacher/Recitalist names mentioned include:

Wilma Jensen, Nashville, TN

Chelsea Chen, young/rising .star.

Carla Edwards, DePauw U.

Marianne Webb, SIU-Carbondale

Todd Wilson, Cleveland Inst.

John Schwandt, U. of Oklahoma

Doug Cleveland, Seattle

Michael Bauer, U of Kansas
Janette Fishell, Indiana U

Kathleen Thomerson, formerly SIUE

Christopher Young, Indiana U

John Ditto, UMKC

Gerre Hancock, U Texas-Austin

Stephen Mager mentioned that graduate students at Indiana University might be interested in teaching for little or no cost, especially if Janette Fishell is on the POE Faculty. The importance of quality control of individual lessons was discussed.

A draft of our preliminary 2010 POE brochure is due to National November 15. The better information we have on our Faculty, the more effective our brochure will be. Andrew and Janet will follow up on Faculty/Recitalist arrangements.

4. Andrew indicated that our 2010 POE Dates were currently June 13 . 18 but they are very tentative and .fuzzy.. The dates are based on housing at area colleges.

5. Andrew shared the potential housing arrangements with two locations: Fontbonne College and Harris Stowe State University. Informal costs are not certain. It.s possible Harris Stowe might be less expensive, but transportation matters might still make Fontbonne a better choice. Andrew and Cathy will follow up once dates are firm.

6. National Deadlines which are on the short horizon were highlighted:

Budget — October 30, Denis Doelling Coordinator

Preliminary Brochure . November 15, Stephen Mager Coordinator

7. Andrew and Brent have contacts which they expect to help with fund raising for our 2010 POE. They also intend to ask for congregational help with meals once locations are known.

8. The group discussed the Hospitality and Recreation budget item from the last 2006 POE. Stephen explained those activities included Shakespeare in the Park, a Concordia Seminar Carillon concert, a local organ crawl, a visit with Stan Kann, a harpsichord session at Bethel Lutheran, as well as recitals and a service. The importance of scheduling well to keep high school students active with enough time to move between venues was mentioned.

Chaperones will be needed for the event . registrants are high schoolers. We will also need Dorm Parents.

9. The net 2010 POE Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for:

Monday evening, October 12, at 6:30 p.m. at Second Presbyterian Church

10. Janet Spencer made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Denis Doelling seconded. Motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Submitted by Emily Pearce