Pipe Organ Encounter 2019

FULL as of 4/28/2019;

Sunday July 28 to Friday August 2, 2019

What is a POE?
The 2019 Pipe Organ Encounter (POE) in St. Louis is designed for teenagers, age 13-18, who have achieved an intermediate level of keyboard proficiency. Previous organ study is not required. You will receive one-on-one organ instruction, visit many of the amazing organs in the St. Louis area and meet new friends!

• Daily organ lessons with qualified organist
• Practice time on a variety of pipe organs
• Workshops and master classes
• Classes in areas such as pipe organ construction and design, improvisation and organ literature
• Faculty organ concerts and demonstrations
• Final student recital

POE students will be housed at Fontbonne University in Clayton, Missouri. All meals are provided. Students will be transported for private lessons, attractions, concerts, and other POE functions by properly vetted volunteer drivers. Students are supervised by teachers and chaperones at all times. Students may travel to St. Louis by air, train, bus or car. Transportation from the airport, train station, or bus station will be provided upon request.

Faculty includes distinguished concert organists, church musicians, university professors and area organists.

Featured Organs may include
Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis – V manual 118 rank 1915/1997 Kilgen/Wicks
Third Baptist Church – IV manual 72 rank 1949/2012 Möller/Reuter
Christ Church Cathedral – IV manual 70 rank 1965 Aeolian-Skinner
Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church – III manual 47 rank 2015 Schoenstein
Second Baptist Church – III manual 38 rank 1879 Odell
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church – III manual 53 rank 2001 Mander
Hope United Church of Christ – II manual 28 rank 2002 Harrison & Harrison
Peace Lutheran Church – II manual 33 rank 2014 Martin Ott

Featured Recitals

Frederick Hohman at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

Nicole Keller at Third Baptist Church

Benton Blasingame at Concordia Seminary

Steven Ball on the
Concordia Seminary

Contact Information

Pipe Organ Encounter Director – Dr. Horst Buchholz, DMus
Director of Sacred Music, Cathedral Basilica and Archdiocese of St. Louis
4431 Lindell Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63108

314.373.8228 | email – poe2019stl@gmail.com

POE Registrar – Rick Burk
Westminster Presbyterian Church
5300 Delmar Boulevard

Saint Louis, MO 63112-3102

Pipe Organ Encounters is an educational outreach program of the American Guild of Organists. Major funding for Pipe Organ Encounters is provided by the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America. Additional support is provided by the American Institute of Organbuilders and the Jordan Organ Endowment. Permanently endowed AGO scholarships are provided in memory of Charlene Brice Alexander, Robert S. Baker, Seth Bingham, Michael Cohen, Margaret R. Curtin, Virgil Fox, Clarence Dickinson, Philip Hahn, Charles N. Henderson, Alfred E. Lunsford, Ruth Milliken, Bruce Prince-Joseph, Douglas Rafter, Ned Siebert, Mary K. Smith, and Martin M. Wick; and in honor of Anthony Baglivi, Philip E. Baker, Gordon and Naomi Rowley, Fred Swann, Morgan and Mary Simmons, and the Leupold Foundation.

Donations are welcome to help the St. Louis chapter present the Pipe Organ Encounter

Student registration fees help cover the costs of room and board, but do not cover all the expenses associated with putting together a successful Pipe organ Encounter. If you would like to donate to help the chapter meet its budget goals, you may do so below. Suggested amounts are listed, but any amount is welcome. The American Guild of Organists is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations to the chapter may be tax deductible.


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