2009 November POE 2010 Planning Committee Minutes

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2010 St. Louis POE Steering Committee


November 2, 2009 Meeting

Present: Andrew Peters . Director/Chair

Bruce Ludwick, Jr . Transportation Coordinator

J.D. Brooks . Facilities Coordinator

Stephen Mager . Publicity Coordinator

Cathy Cassy . Housing Coordinator

Emily Pearce . Secretary/Registrar

Brent Johnson . Funding Coordinator

Janet Spencer . Faculty CoordinatorAbsent: Denis Doelling . Treasurer1. Director Andrew Peters called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. in the Upper Room at Second Presbyterian Church.2. Janet Spencer moved that the minutes of the September 21 POE Steering Committee be approved. Cathy Cassy seconded. The motion passed.3. Housing arrangements with Fontbonne College are not yet final. However, it is very likely that we will be able to sign a contract with Fontbonne for POE dates of June 13 through 18, Sunday through Friday. Because Fontbonne does not normally have housing personnel on site on Sundays, they will require us to pay an additional overtime fee for two of their staff to work our Sunday (probably 5 . 9 p.m.) check-in. Stephen Mager moved we agree to pay the additional $148.00 fee to Fontbonne for check-in services. J. D. Brooks seconded. The motion passed. Andrew and Cathy will follow up with Fontbonne so that are dates might become firm. 4. Andrew indicated that Wilma Jensen, Nashville, TN, Doug Cleveland, Seattle Carla Edwards, DePauw U. have agreed to be present during the week of our POE. They are also willing to stay in host homes which will reduce our expense. Marianne Webb, SIU-Carbondale, has declined our invitation due to health. Todd Wilson, Cleveland Inst., has not yet decided due to dates and busy schedule. Michael Bauer, U of Kansas, has indicated he might be able to come if his spouse could also be on our faculty. Stephen will consult with Barbara Raedeke for advice on whether this would fit with our current plans and report back to our Committee. John Schwandt, U. of Oklahoma, has not replied to our invitation.Andrew indicated the AGO Headquarters is emphasizing the importance of improvisation in POE curriculum. He also confirmed that artist fees are required only if a full recital is given; teaching would then be free.5. A draft of our preliminary 2010 POE brochure is due to National November 15. Andrew distributed the draft brochure that he emailed Oct. 29 to the Committee. Emily confirmed the Registrar information was correct as listed, although adding .Avenue. to the address might be helpful. Discussion suggested making our POE dates bolder, altering the Activities section to list: .Private lessons with POE faculty., .Daily practice time., .Performances by well-known recitalists. and .Recreational activity.. We also want to make sure our Chapter logo is the current, best quality (via Wayne King). Emily moved that the Committee accept the distributed draft brochure with suggested changes for submission to AGO National. J.D. seconded the motion. The motion passed. The timeline calls for the brochure to be printed and mailed in January.6. Andrew and Brent continue to discuss fund raising opportunities with their contacts. The November issue of the OPUS newsletter (printed and online) solicits support for our POE and includes a donation form. Businesses which will be considered for support of our POE include Martin Ott, Wicks Organ (including Barbara Wick), St. Louis Pipe Organ, MorningStar Music Publishers, Shattinger.s Music, Lois Fyfe Music.7. The Committee discussed groups which might provide appropriate mailing lists for the distribution of our POE brochure. Cost and other information will be needed. We assume we will be able to use the Chapter.s Bulk Mail permit. Andrew or Stephen will confirm with Fern Black Cathy agreed to explore AGO resources, including TAO, and report back. J. D. Brooks will look into the Piano Teacher Association. Brent will gather information about MTNA. Janet will contact ACDA. Brent did summer research on mailing labels and lists; he volunteered his expertise as we work through mailing matters. Stephen indicated that students for our last POE came from various cities in Illinois, Shreveport, LA, Evansville, IN, Omaha, NE and the Chicago area. We want to ensure our publicity reaches at least similar areas. Brent shared that the Chapter website is beginning transition. The Chapter Executive Committee hopes the new arrangement with an outside consultant will be in place early in 2010. Indiana University already has a webpage for their 2010 POE. We should consider having a website, and perhaps presence on Facebook as well.8. Brent led a discussion, with Andrew out of the room, regarding Andrew.s proposal to present an .Organ Plus. Recital as an evening event at our POE. Repertoire for the program would include a piece for violin and organ by Hakim. Andrew proposes Charlene Clark of the Symphony as violinist. Charlene.s schedule for the summer is tight, so there is need to make tentative arrangements now. The program would probably also include the Albright .King of Instruments. with Julius Hunter as possible narrator. Andrew returned to the meeting. Brent conveyed that the consensus of the Committee was that they would like to have Andrew present such a program and would like him to arrange a commitment with Charlene as violinist. Other possible evening events include: a silent movie, a Hymn/Worship Festival, a Cameo Faculty Recital and/or a Featured Organ Recitalist.9. The net 2010 POE Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for: Monday evening, January 18, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. at Second Presbyterian Church10. Brent Johnson made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Stephen Mager seconded. Motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 7:40 pmIssued 11-11-09 by Emily PearceNote: The St. Louis 2010 POE Budget Draft was submitted to National per their due date, Denis Doelling Coordinator. See Andrew Peters. email of October 20, 2009