Music Program Assistant and Children/Youth Music Program Director

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O’Fallon United Church of Christ is seeking a Music Program Assistant and a Children/Youth Music Program Director. These positions can be combined into a single position based on candidate’s qualifications.

Music Program Assistant will collaborate in a professional manner with the Director of Music in the development, planning, and execution of the Music Program.

  • The Assistant should possess a Bachelor’s Degree in an appropriate field or demonstrate significant current progress in an appropriate Bachelor’s Degree program. The Assistant will demonstrate significant performance abilities in choral and instrumental areas.
  • The Assistant should have experience in the planning and production of music events and performances. It is preferred that this experience include diverse adult, youth, instrumental, and choral components and audiences.
  • The Assistant will demonstrate strong social and communication skills applicable to audiences, children, parents, and the congregation.
  • The Assistant will serve as a member of the Chancel Choir and Praise Band, assisting as necessary with rehearsals. When needed, the Assistant will participate in the Bell Choir.

The Child/Youth Music Program Director will lead the Sunday School Choirs during the period Labor Day through Memorial Day each year, plan for children’s performances approximately once per month and direct the Children’s Christmas Pageant

The adult ensembles include choir, a cappella choir, praise band and handbell choir.   For the Sunday School program we have a full set of Orff Instruments, lots of drums and other percussion instruments.

This position is normally expected to work from August 15 through May 31 annually, approximately three hours per week except as otherwise needed during peak periods and holidays.

Interview process will being by 1st of June.  Please send resume and cover letter directly to Phil Wilhelm, Director of Music at