Music Ministry Director

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St. John Evangelical United Church of Christ in Collinsville, IL is seeking a Music Ministry Director.

Responsibilities of the position are:

  • Plan the choral, instrumental, and handbell music programs
  • Conduct and accompany rehearsals for Sanctuary Choir, soloist, and, if time permits, Bells of St. John.
  • Plan and and develop programs in cooperation and concert with scheduled and celebrated liturgical events in the life of the church.
  • support and cooperate with ministerial staff in the planning and execution of all programs.
  • provide leadership, guidance, and support to the music staff in the development of programs for which they are individually responsible.
  • support congregational organizations, program values, policies and procedures of the church.

The Director will be skilled in playing both the pipe organ and the piano.  Position requires a 15-20 hour-per-week schedule, three hours of which may be spent at the Director’s discretion.  The Director shall embody the spirit of the church: “in the heart of the community, with the community at heart.”

Please submit resumes to