May 2015 Executive Committee Minutes


Monday, May 4, 2015 (approved 8-31-15)

5:30 p.m., Kirkwood Presbyterian

101 E Adams; Kirkwood, MO


Dean: Dawn Riske Sub-Dean:  Mark Scholtz
Treasurer: Excused – Dennis York Secretary:  Cathy Cassy


Executive Committee Present: Cathy Bolduan, Horst Buchholz, Phillip Brunswick, Stephen Eros, Suzanne Manelli, Andrew Peters, Bill Wade, Jeff White, Mary Beth Wittry, Rene Zajner

Absent: Brent Johnson (excused), Dennis York (excused)

The meeting began at 5:35 pm.

Review of the Minutes: Andy made a motion to approve the March 14th meeting minutes with 2 corrections. Suzanne seconded the motion. All approved.  Corrections are to mark Mary Beth excused and to remove Jeff’s name on the Avis Blewett Nominating committee and add Mark’s name.

The March 14th meeting minutes were approved by a motion from Andy and a second by Suzanne.

Treasurer’s Report: Dawn reported that $100 was sent to both POE’s. OnCard is making treasurer’s job easier since all memberships are handled online. The audit for 2014 is due.

Convention: Andy reported that 112 people have paid and now have 122 total. May 15th is the deadline for bus count. Checking now of number of buses needed. National has asked for 4 roving reporters to interview and post on Social Media throughout the convention. Discussion was held on tweets and creating a hashtag that anyone can post. The hashtag could be posted in the program and online. Andy will talk to Brent about the possibility of creating the hashtag.

Discussion was held on publicity after Andy had to leave for a rehearsal. Phillip knows Sarah Bryan Miller and will talk to her about Convention coverage. Cathy Bolduan will talk with Mary Edwards and is bringing her to the banquet on May 18th. Cathy Cassy reported that Andy is working on contact with Show Me St. Louis on channel 5 and possibly Tim Ezell on channel 2.

Program Committee – Mark Scholtz

Mark presented an outline of the program schedule for next year. 2015-2016 Program includes:

September 14th – Old Cathedral – Dan Vizer. No dinner as there are no facilities.

October 19th – Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church – host David Erwin. Presentation by Jack Bethards, builder of Ladue Chapel’s new Schoenstein.

November 6th, Scottish Rite – Dinner – TBD

January – Social Event

January 30th – Saturday Master Class with Nathan Laube

March 7th – Agnes Armstrong presents Guilmant @ 2nd Presbyterian – Dinner available

April 25th – Colby Walker presentation on Pipe Digital Hybrid. John Cargile will host at Manchester United Methodist Church. Dinner available.

May: Banquet/Awards

OPUS:  Nancy is seeking other printers other than Gateway due to lateness of getting the OPUS out on time.  The OPUS had not been delivered to anyone by tonight’s event. Bill Wade suggested talking with Brent.

May Banquet: Dennis York does the plaques for the Avis Blewett Award. Mark will touch base with Dennis.

Elections: Cathy Cassy reported on the Executive Board Class of 2018 election. The final results for the Board are William Aitken, Burnell Hackman, and Nannette Tornblom. Dawn will notify all the candidates as to the election results. Fifty-eight percent (81 members) of the membership (139) voted either online or by mail. The three outgoing members are: Horst, Andy, and Cathy Bolduan.

New Business:  Dawn is looking for ways to welcome young members. Thinking ahead, March is Pipe Organ Education Month; January Jubilee; call to the community.  She asked for thoughts and suggestions.

Cathy Bolduan, since this is her last meeting as an Executive Board member, wanted to commend the Chapter for the extraordinary work that has been done in building the chapter. She applauded Bill Wade for his work in organization and running the chapter effectively, his work on recruitment, and on getting documentation in order. She commends Dawn for continuing the work to build the chapter.  Cathy has seen a great improvement.

Next meeting: May 18th, the Award Ceremony and General Meeting at Historic Trinity Lutheran in Soulard. Make reservations by emailing Kathleen Bolduan at  The Music Sale will begin at 5:30 and continue through dinner. Banquet with installation of officers is at 6:30. Concert starts at 7:30

Submitted by: Cathy Cassy, Executive Committee Secretary

Upcoming Events:

June 1, 2015 – State on-line Registration for Charter Number is due.

June 22-24 – 2015 North Central Regional AGO Conference. Register online at

June 30, 2015 – Refile Tax Exempt forms 990-N

2016 – Review of Operating Procedures for 2017.