St. Louis AGO Membership Information

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Chapter Membership

The AGO welcomes extends the invitation of Membership to anyone interested in organ and choral music without regard to his/her proficiency, experience, employment status or age.  Our members include part-time and full time professionals, amateur musicians, and volunteer musicians.  We have organists, choir directors, teachers, organ builders, technicians, and suppliers to the field, as well as students, clergy, and dedicated supporters. To join, you may download a membership application, or contact Brent Johnson and he will send you an online invitation.  If you prefer to pay online, please let Brent know.

Membership Categories

Regular Voting Members

Voting Membership is available to all organists, choral conductors, and other individuals who support the mission of the Guild. Voting membership can be with or without chapter affiliation and includes participation in all national activities, elections, eligibility for certification examinations and for all insurance plans, and a one-year subscription to THE AMERICAN ORGANIST Magazine. Membership is available at reduced rates to those age 65 or older, under 21, the disabled, and full-time students. Dual membership is available for those members who wish to be involved with more than one local chapter.

Special Members

Same privileges as voting members but for those individuals 65 years and older, the disabled, and students enrolled in academic institutions.

Dual Member

Dual membership is available at reduced rates for those members who wish to be involved with more than one local chapter.

Chapter Friend

If you are not an organist, but would like to be affiliated only with a local AGO Chapter, please join as a Chapter Friend. Chapter Friends support the local Chapter, receive chapter newsletters, and participate in chapter events. Local chapters determine the rate for this category, which does not include national voting privileges, membership benefits, or a TAO subscription.

Current Membership Rates

Regular voting member


Special voting member
(65 or older, under 21 or disabled)


Partner voting member
(only one TAO per household)


Dual voting member
(paid to 2nd chapter)


Chapter Friend
(no TAO)


Student voting member
(full-time, with valid school ID)


Student Dual
(paid to 2nd chapter)