January 2016 Executive Committee Minutes


Saturday, January 30, 2016 (Approved 3-7-16)

First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood

100 East Adams

Kirkwood, MO 63122


The King of Instruments

Sundays at 6:00 pm on Radio Arts Foundation 107.3 FM – 96.3Hd2 – RAFSTL.ORG


Dean: Dawn Riske Sub-Dean:  Mark Scholtz
Treasurer: Dennis York Secretary:  Excused


Present: Bill Aitken, Phillip Brunswick, Brent Johnson, Suzanne Manelli, Nanette Tornblom,  Rene Zajner; Nancy Barbee – OPUS; Brent Johnson- Registrar/Website/Exam Coordinator;

Excused Absence: Jeff White, Burnell Hackman,

Absent: Stephen Eros, Mary Beth Wittry,

Call to Order: Dean Dawn Riske called the meeting to order.

Review of the Minutes: Minutes were approved. Meeting notes are being taken today by Nancy Barbee. Cathy is playing for a wedding.

Treasurer’s Report: Dennis reported that 3 of the advertisers who have been running ads in the Opus have changed ownership and/or have stopped paying for their ads. Most dues are paid based on ONCARD reporting. The treasurer’s report was approved. A discussion was held on matter of Tax Forms (1099) that need to be sent to convention speakers/presenters. This matter needs to be handled by Mike Kaberline.

Dean’s Report: Dawn shared how she wrote about the transformative power of music in her Dean’s letter, and in how she wants each AGO member to consider: what involvement do we have in transformation? Dawn admires the initiative of members to develop events and programs of grand scope, such as the radio program “King of Instruments.” She wants us to keep utilizing capabilities of technology to share our message of organ and choral music, and of the chapter’s gift of continuing education. Also, our chapter, with the help of the Finance Committee, can research wise investment possibilities for resources and other energies.

Sub-Dean Report: Hospitality needed for March program presenter, Dr. Armstrong, who does not wish to stay at a hotel.

Registrar: Brent reported we have a few additional new members and that the Directories are printed and mailed.

OPUS Newsletter: Nancy will look into the problematic advertisers. Delivery was quite early for the February issue. This was an efficient month. Let’s hope it repeats for March.

Social Media Coordinator: https://www.facebook.com/agostlouis.. Stats have been improving for the Facebook views. Norbert Kraus’ funeral post on Facebook was viewed 1700 times. More money is needed for advertising expense. At the previous meeting, it was thought that $20.00 was needed for Chapter events advertising, but in reality, the cost will be $50.00 (this is for chapter events, only). Rene provided a detailed Facebook report to the Board.

Brent Johnson reported: The King of Instruments (on Sundays at 6:00 pm on Radio Arts Foundation 107.3 FM – 96.3Hd2 – RAFSTL.ORG)  program has produced four episodes to date. The cost involved is $100.00 per weekly program plus $100 to Organ Media Foundation for each production session—an entire month’s show will be produced in one session. Sponsors are needed—advertising opportunity for businesses. The sponsorship of this program was approved through email by the executive committee by motion made by Brent Johnson and seconded by Jeff White.  The motion stated: “A request for the executive committee to cover the $500.00 amount for February expenses to sponsor a 1 hour organ show with Radio Arts Foundation.” The motion passed.

Finance Committee Members are: Dennis York, Jeff White, Mike Kaberline, Kathleen Bolduan

Old Business: Update on Parish Based Music Schools–Collaboration with Martin Jean.

Still under consideration January Jubilee 2017. January Jubilees exist to nurture the many part-time musicians working for religious institutions, introducing these musicians to the AGO and its work and mission, and encouraging them to become members of the Guild. The Jubilee will offer a rewarding chance to reshape your AGO chapter into a more accessible and welcoming image, to fill the gap between the local chapter activities and conference level efforts, and to meet and interact with peers who share an interest in the King of Instruments.

Pipe Organ Encounter or Pipe Organ Plus Encounter: the most successful outreach program sponsored by the AGO. POEs offer teenagers and adults a rewarding opportunity to learn more about the pipe organ and its construction, instruction with experienced faculty, visits to hear and play outstanding instruments, and the chance to meet and interact with peers who share an interest in the King of Instruments.

All topics tabled until the next meeting, including discussion of the “January Jubilee.”

New Business: A nominating committee for elections for Class of 2019, Dean, Sub-Dean, (Secretary? Treasurer?) is needed. Seeking volunteers. If interested contact, Dawn.

Avis Blewett award committee is needed. If interested, contact Sub-Dean Mark Scholtz, Chairman of the committee.

Dawn volunteered to continue as Publicity Liaison for the Chapter


Henry Glass–60 Years a Member: recognition in May discussion

The King of Instruments: radio show collaboration — our commitment and support

Recommendations for individual to serve as Publicity Liaison for our Chapter,

Financial support policies/procedures for AGO conventions or POE’s in other chapters

or regions

Any recommendations for 2016-2017 Chapter Program Year, please contact Sub-Dean Mark Scholtz


Monday, March 7 at 5:30 p.m. at Second Presbyterian Church before Dr. Armstrong’s Guilmant presentation.

Monday, April 25 at 5:30 p.m. at Manchester United Methodist Church before Brad Colby’s presentation.

Submitted by:

Cathy Cassy, (with notes provided by Nancy Barbee and Dawn Riske)

Executive Committee Secretary

Official Documents & Dates to Remember:

*March 1, 2016 – Deadline for Avis Blewett Committee to present suggested awardee and possible

other awardees to Executive Committee

*March 1, 2016 – Nominating committee to present candidates for Executive Committee.

*March 7, 2016 – Dr. Agnes Armstrong’s presentation on Alexandre Guilmant; Second *Presbyterian-Central West End; Dinner at 6:30; Presentation at 7:30pm, Executive Meeting at 5:30.

April 25, 2016 – Brad Colby of Colby Organs; Manchester UMC; Dinner at 6:30pm; Program at

7:30 pm; Executive Meeting at 5:30

*May 16, 2016 –   Avis Blewett Award ceremony and “The True Story of Cinderella”; Dinner at

6:30; Presentation at 7:30. Grace Episcopal  Church in Kirkwood.

*June 1, 2016 –    State on-line Registration for Charter Number is due.

*June 30, 2016 –  Refile Tax Exempt forms 990-N

*2016 – Review of Operating Procedures for 2017.