January 2015 Executive Committee Minutes


Monday, January 5, 2015 (approved 2-9-15)

5:30 p.m., St. Gabriel Catholic Church

6303 Nottingham Avenue

St. Louis, MO




Dean: Dawn Riske Sub-Dean: Mark Scholtz
Treasurer: Dennis York Secretary: Absent: Cathy Cassy


Executive Committee Present: Cathy Bolduan, Phillip Brunswick, Horst Buchholz, Brent Johnson, Suzanne Manelli, Andrew Peters, Bill Wade, Jeff White, Mary Beth Wittry

Absent: Stephen Eros, Rene Zajner

Call to Order: Dean Dawn Riske called the meeting to order at 5:32 pm.

Review of the Minutes: Mary Beth Wittry made a motion to accept the minutes of the November 10th, 2014 meeting. The motion was seconded by Jeff White and was unanimously approved. Minutes for tonight’s January 5th meeting were taken by Mary Beth Wittry.

Treasurer’s Report: Total Assets in Checking/Savings: $ 14,879.14 plus an additional $ 774 recently deposited from the National Office, but still needing to be directed into various sub-accounts. Total Accounts Receivable: $ 59.00. Total Liabilities and Equity: $ 14938.14. Motion was made by Mark Scholtz to accept the Treasurer’s report and seconded by Brent Johnson to approve the report. Report was unanimously approved.

Dean’s Report: Dawn was sorry to report that the January newsletter did not go out. Gateway Printing informed Nancy Barbee on December 18 that they would be closed until January 5, 2015. The electronic file of The OPUS has already been submitted and will go out soon after January 5. Online communication has been helpful to keep getting the word out. She is hopeful there will still be plenty of members of the AGO and NPM attending tonight.

Sub-Dean Report: Mark thanked Andy and the Convention Committee for the November Program at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. He is collaborating with Scott Kennebeck in regard to the artists for programs at the Cathedral of Saint Louis. It was suggested that as members are chosen for the Master Class with Todd Wilson, they be given a specific amount of time to be allotted for each person who is playing. That way, no single person will use too much time. Possible candidates to play for the Master Class were suggested.

Registrar: Two new members recently joined. Members who join outside of the traditional summer renewal time will now be members and receive The American Organist for one year from the date of the joining or renewing. Brent reported if we get three new members under the age of 30, our chapter will be up for a prize.

Membership renewal procedures are changing. Extra directories are available.

On-line Media: No report.

OPUS Newsletter: The publishing company just notified Nancy they went on vacation for two weeks and did not get the January newsletter published. They just returned today, January 5; so the January newsletter will go out late. Nancy will be contacting new publishers to compare prices.

North Central Regional Steering Committee Update:

Andy and Brent reported that 9 people have registered for the Regional Convention. Early-bird registration fee discount is available until 2/28/15. Those who receive complimentary registrations must still register. Dawn is encouraging all St. Louis AGO members to stay at the convention hotel for welcoming, parking ease, etc.

New Business:

-Nominating Committee: Dawn has contacted Nanette Tornblom and Bob Mullgardt. Jeff White accepted position. A minimum of three people are needed for the Nominating Committee.

-The Avis Blewett Award Committee will be: Mark Scholtz, Philip Brunswick, Horst Buchholz.

-Two chapters are looking for support for POE: Wichita and Valparaiso. Brent motioned to send $100 for POE to both Wichita and Valparaiso. Dennis seconded. Motion passed.

-Horst reported on the Chapter Banner: 3 x 5 vertical banner with colors of gold and red and includes the AGO logo with a silver arch, other colors were also suggested as possibilities. Brent will put together mock-ups.

-Bill Wade reported that there may be a need to have 1 or 2 people to work with Dennis on the finance paperwork with new IRS reporting 990-N form(s). Those with possible business experience include Mark Scholtz, Chuck Peery, Mike Kaberline, Jim Threlkeld and others.

-The Chapter also needs to ensure that Dennis receives an audit trail from Regional Convention and Executive Committee for reporting purposes.

Next meetings:

*Monday, February 9 at 5:30 at Christ Church Cathedral

*Monday, April 20 at 5:30 p.m. at Bethel Lutheran Church.

Upcoming Events:

*Monday, February 9, 2015 (evening, dinner) – Todd Wilson will teach a Master Class at Christ Church Cathedral at 7:30 pm. He will explore French and English repertoire with members and friends of the Chapter. His program at the Cathedral Basilica Sunday, February 8, at 2:30 pm will be a wonderful opportunity to witness his prowess at handling a large instrument in a rich acoustical atmosphere with ease and artistry. Dinner for the Monday evening event will be at 6:30 pm. Executive Committee will meet beforehand.

Cathy Cassy reporting from minutes taken by Mary Beth Wittry and Dawn Riske

Executive Committee Secretary

Official Documents & Dates to Remember:

March 1, 2015 – Deadline for Avis Blewett Committee to present suggested awardee and possible other awardees to Executive Committee

March 1, 2015 – Nominating committee to present candidates for Executive Committee.

May 18, 2015 – Award ceremony and General Meeting at Historic Trinity Lutheran in Soulard

June 1, 2015 – State on-line Registration for Charter Number is due.

June 30, 2015 – Refile Tax Exempt forms 990-N

2016 – Review of Operating Procedures for 2017.