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Trinity Presbyterian Church is seeking an organist for a permanent 10-hour-per-week position, in which the organist will be expected to accompany the choir at its rehearsals on Thursday evenings and the choir and congregation at Sunday morning services, plus special, scheduled rehearsals for seasonal programming during Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. The organist will serve at the discretion of Head of Staff and report to the Minister of Music and will enjoy 24/7 access to the church’s Casavant Organ.

Necessary Skills

  • Ability to work closely and collaboratively with the Minister of Music and the church’s music ensembles.
  • Comfort and dexterity in accompanying a variety of musical styles, including the musical heritage of the Reformed tradition, as well as classical, gospel, spirituals, jazz, musical theater and pop.
  • Ability to accurately play piano and organ from printed scores.
  • Mastery of organ techniques, including detailed registration and playing with full pedal board.
  • Choral rehearsal and accompanying experience, including the ability to play vocal parts in open score format.
  • Fluency with digital communication/email.

To apply, submit a cover letter, resume, and list of references to: Katie Sternhagen, Office Manager, at