2010 March Executive Committee Minutes



Monday, March 15, 2010

7:00 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church

6800 Washington Ave.

Saint Louis, MO 63130


Dean: Charles (Chuck) Peery

Secretary: Bill Wade

Sub-Dean: Henry Evans

Treasurer/Registrar: Dennis York

Executive Committee: Bob Chamberlin, Dawn Riske, Cathy Cassy,

Committee Directors: Wayne King, Newsletter Editor; Ren Zajner,

Absent/Excused: Father Joseph Havrilka, Bill Stein, Shawn Portell, Brent Johnson, David Erwin, Al Black, Dennis Doelling, Regina Morris

Call to Order: CP called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM

Review of Minutes: Minutes of January 11, 2010 meeting were reviewed. The Minutes were approved as presented. (CC motioned to accept, DY seconded; Motion carried by voice vote).

Treasurer.s Report: DY provided balance sheets as of March 15, 2010 and profit and loss budget vs. actual for July through March 15, 2010. The net income for July through
March was $1,424.91. Our current balance sheet shows total assets of $17,642.77. The treasurer.s report was approved. (BC motioned to accept, DH seconded; Motion carried by voice vote).

Dean.s Report: CP reported that the 2010 POE planning is on track. Michael Unger will be the concert artist. Current registration is only 4 registrants, but more are expected. CP proposed that we make the previously approved funds for tuition assistance to the Kansas City POE available to the Saint Louis POE participants. There was unanimous agreement with this proposal. A question has been raised about the St. Louis AGO.s practice of paying or not paying for venues at our member.s location. It has long been the practice not to pay for those venues.

Sub-Dean.s/Program Committee Report: The program committee met and the programs for the 20010-2011 season are taking shape, but are not final. Some discussion about a worship service for the Guild as one of the programs favored the idea. Other considerations are John Stewart from Washington University, Kenneth Cowan, and/or Cameron Carpenter.

Committee and Special Services Reports:

Website Update: BJ reported that there are some small service fees ( $.30/transaction plus 1.9%) for online payments and requested that we pass those on to those individuals who choose to utilize online payment options. This proposal was presented as a motion by DY and seconded by HE. The motion passed by voice vote. The fee schedule will be an upcharge of $2.00 for a $90 membership, $1.60 for a $67.00 membership, $1.00 for a $30.00 membership, and $0.50 for a $15 charge.

OPUS Newsletter Report: The deadline for the April issue is 3/26/10; for the May issue, the deadline is 4/22/2010.

New Business: The nomination committee (Martha Shaffer, chair, Brent Johnson, and Mary Hitchcock-Reinhart) have completed their roster:

Henry Evans, Dean

Dr. Bill Wade, Sub Dean

Cathy Cassy, Secretary

Dennis York, Treasurer

Denis Doelling, Auditor

Executive Committee, Class of 2013:

Rick Burk

John Cargile

Bruce Ludwick

Discussion of the recipients of the Avis Blewett award ended with a motion by DR and second by CC that John Romeri and Karen Romeri receive the award jointly for their significant contribution to the musical life of the Saint Louis region. The motion carried by unanimous voice vote.

The May 17, 2010 banquet will be hosted by Rick Burk at Westminster Presbyterian Church and will include the installation of officers, presentation of the Avis Blewett Award, and a presentation of a melodrama entitled .The Old Organist. by Henry A. Jones.

Next AGO Executive Board meeting: Monday, May 10, 2010, 7:00 PM, Trinity Presbyterian Church

Adjournment: 8:03 PM (Motion carried by voice vote.)

Minutes submitted by Bill Wade, CAGO