2009 March Executive Committee Minutes

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Monday, March 16, 2009

7:00 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church

6800 Washington Ave.

Saint Louis, MO 63130


Dean: Charles (Chuck) Peery

Sub-Dean: Henry Evans, Sub-Dean

Secretary: Bill Wade

Treasurer/Registrar: Dennis York

Auditor: Denis Doelling

Executive Committee: Cathy Cassy, Brent Johnson, Stephen Mager, Ken Reuter

Committee Directors: Al Black and Fern Black, Directory Editors; Wayne King, Newsletter Editor; Shawn Portel, Professional Concerns

Absent/Excused: Father Joseph Havrilka, Regina Morris, Bill Stein, Ren Zajner

Call to Order: CP called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM

Review of Minutes: Minutes of January 12, 2009 meeting were reviewed. Minutes were amended to correct a revised asset balance for January of $19,451.75 rather than the $6,155.69 reflected in the minutes. (KR motioned to accept, HE seconded; Motion carried by voice vote).

Treasurer.s Report: There is an asset balance of $16,306.91 in our account.

Dean.s Report: CP brought an inquiry to the board about a request to subsidize students of local guild members to participate in the Pipe Organ Encounter (POE) in Kansas City June 21-26, 2009. The committee approved a process to receive a letter of application and request for scholarship assistance from the student and his/her teacher. The allocation of funds for scholarship awards will be up to and not exceed a total of $1,000. It is anticipated that the individual awards will be in the $100 to $200 range. After review of the applications and requests by the executive committee, if approved, the scholarship assistance will be forwarded to the Kansas City POE on the student.s behalf.

2010 Saint Louis Pipe Organ Encounter (POE) . The application for this POE was previously approved by the National AGO. The dates are dependent on housing (Fontbonne, Washington University, or Concordia). We still are in need of a chair for this event. Several people have indicated their continued interest is helping with the event, but no one has indicated interest in chairing it.

April program dinner reservations should be sent to CP instead of KB this month.

Avis Blewitt Award and the May Banquet . A motion was made b y HE and seconded by DY that Marianne Webb be the recipient of the 2009 Avis H. Blewitt Award in recognition of her significant contribution to the field of sacred music in the metropolitan Saint Louis area. The motion carried by unanimous voice vote. Ms. Webb will be invited and several of her past students will be requested to play at the May meeting in her honor.

Nominating Committee . CP reported that that the nominating committee had met and were identifying potential candidates. The ballots will be distributed in the April OPUS.

Sub-Dean.s/Program Committee Report: HE reported that the April meeting has been finalized and the international travel details for the guest artist, Pierre Perdigon were in order. The program will be a Master Class on Monday, April 27, 2009 featuring Italian Baroque music. Students of guild members will be invited to play.

HE reported that the 2009-2010 program schedule was nearly complete. There have been suggestions that the first meeting of the season be in the format of a worship service. The logistics of this option are still being discussed.

Committee and Special Services Reports:

Auditor Report: No Report

OPUS Newsletter Report: Deadline for April issue is 3/31/09.

Deadline for May issue is 4/24/09.

Membership Renewal: Al Black reported that the membership mailings will be sent out by the 15th of May and will have a deadline of July 15th, 2009.

Adjournment: 7:58 PM

(JW motioned, CC seconded; Motion carried by voice vote.)

Minutes submitted by Bill Wade, CAGO