2009 January Executive Committee Minutes

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Monday, January 12, 2009


7:00 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church

6800 Washington Ave.

Saint Louis, MO 63130


Dean: Charles (Chuck) Peery

Sub-Dean: Henry Evans, Sub-Dean

Secretary: Bill Wade

Treasurer/Registrar: Dennis York

Executive Committee: Stephen Mager, , Ken Reuter, Brent Johnson, Regina Morris, Shawn Portell, Fr. Joseph Havrilka, Cathy Cassy, Bill Stein

Committee Directors: Wayne King, Newsletter Editor; Rene Zajner, Chapter Photographer

Absent/Excused: Jeff White, Al Black

Call to Order: CP called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM

Review of Minutes: Minutes of November 3, 2008 meeting were accepted (KR motioned to accept, DY seconded; Motion carried by voice vote).

Treasurer.s Report: There is a balance of $6,155.69 in our account. The current asset balance is $19, 451.75. Dennis reported that some members received notices from AGO National HQ that dues were not received when , in fact they were. This issue has been resolved.

Dean.s Report: Thanks were extended to Bill Wade and Mike Kaberline for hosting the Epiphany party. Chuck reminded people about the KC POE and Baylor Workshops. There will be 3 at-large seats on the Executive committee that will need to be filled this year. The nominating committee will be chaired by Martha Schaffer. The process of nominations was published in the January Opus. The national dues are reduced for the remainder of the year for new members.

Sub-Dean.s/Program Committee Report: There was general discussion about upcoming programs and possible contingencies if the guest artist could not make it. Henry agreed to investigate other programming options if that became necessary. Suggestions for alternative programs included an organ crawl and a reading session.

Auditor Report: No Report

Committee and Special Services Reports: OPUS Newsletter: The February Opus deadline is January 31, 2009. There has been a new regulation requiring address verification for which we pay $95 per year.

Adjournment: 7:35 PM

(HE motioned, CC seconded; Motion carried by voice vote.)

Minutes submitted by Bill Wade, CAGO