Episode 27 – August 7, 2016

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We’re celebrating birthdays in August, and using those days as jumping off points to explore music of lesser-known composers and some of their contemporaries
This Sunday, we listen to the music of several 19th century British and American composers.
Hosts: Mark Scholtz, Bill Stein, Brent Johnson


Title: In a Persian Market
Composer: Albert Ketèlbey
Organist: Hans Uwe Hielscher
Album: Dancing Pipes – IFO IFO 000 26
Organ: 1863 IV/112 Walcker/Hielscher, Marktkirche, Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany

Title: Marche Ecossaise
Composer: George Whitefield Chadwick
Organist: Martin Weyer
Album: Rheinberger, Guilmant, and Their American Pupils – Raven OAR 410
Organ: 1868 II/26 E and GG Hook, Chapel of St. Joseph, St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Title: Concert Variations on Old 100th, op. 2
Composer: John Knowles Paine
Organist: Massimo Nosetti
Album: Il nuovo organo Mascioni della chiesa parrocchiale San Giovanni Evangelista Alessandria – Syrius SYR 141439
Organ: 2010 III/60 Mascioni, Church of St. John the Evangelist, Alessandria, Italy

Title: Variations on Auld Lang Syne, op. 30
Composer: Eugene Thayer
Organist: Simon Nieminski
Album: The Organ at the Grand Lodge – Pro Organo CD 7240
Organ: 1913 III/33 Brindley and Foster/Forth, Freemason’s Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland

Title: Toccata and Fugue in D minor, op. 98
Composer: Edwin H Lemare
Organist: Thomas Murray
Album: An evening with Edwin H Lemare – AFKA SK-515
Organ: 1927 V/102 Austin, The City Hall Auditorium, Portland, Maine, USA

Title: Sonata in E-flat minor, op. 65 – Fugue
Composer: Horatio Parker
Organist: Karl Moyer
Album: As the Dew From Heaven Distilling – Raven OAR 290
Organ: 1859 III/36 E and GG Hook/Andover, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, North Easton, Massachusetts, USA

Title: Etude in D minor
Composer: George Elbridge Whiting
Organist: Leo Abbott
Album: 1875 E and GG Hook and Hastings Opus 801 – AFKA SK519
Organ: 1875 III/101 Hook and Hastings, Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston, Massachusetts, USA