April 2014 Newsletter

The Opus – April 2014 – PDF file

“Organ + 1” Recital

For the last few years, the Members’ Recital has been a regular event in the program lineup. We have used venues such as Historic Trinity Lutheran Church, Graham Chapel, and Trinity Presbyterian Church for both organ recitals and the equally popular “Organ + 1” recitals. This year is an “Organ + 1” year.

First, I must send out a plea for members who would like to perform on this recital. Participants are invited to perform a piece with another instrumentalist or vocalist. I suppose the organ + 2 would also be permissible if you find a worthy piece for organ and instrumental or vocal duet. Whatever you decide, use your best discretion—i.e., Franck’s Panis Angelicus or Schubert’s Ave Maria might not be terribly interesting selections for this recital! To give you some ideas, I remember there being selections for organ + voice, flute, violin, and even an organ and piano duet by Dupré at the Graham Chapel recital a few years ago. Please contact me via the information at the bottom of this article if you have any questions or would like to perform on the recital.

The Organ + 1 Recital will be held at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Chesterfield. The regulars who come to the monthly meetings will recall that we haven’t been “out west” in a while. The guild is very grateful to Travis Evans, Director of Music Ministry, and the entire King of Kings Lutheran Church staff for hosting this dinner and recital on Monday, April 28th. As usual, the dinner will begin at 6:30pm, and the recital is at 7:30pm. In 2012 the congregation at King of Kings voted to install the instrument. The console was built by R.A. Colby of Johnson City, TN, and the digital voices were built by Walker Technical of Zionsville, PA. The organ consists of four manuals and over 100 stops divided among eight divisions. The organ was installed in December of 2013 right before Christmas and was dedicated by Ken Cowan in June of 2014.

The purists of our chapter might be interested in knowing that the King of Kings church building was not built to include ample (or any) space for pipe chambers. This is typical of modern church construction, especially in the 70s and 80s. An all-digital instrument was obviously the most practical and feasible choice considering the architectural limitations of the building. Before the Walker organ was installed, King of Kings boasted a mighty 2 manual Allen with those fun little punch cards. By now you are beginning to realize that this was a substantial upgrade for the congregation! I have played and heard the organ at King of Kings and I think you’ll enjoy the quality of digital voices as well as the great variety it has to offer. Also keep in mind that part of the AGO mission statement is to “promote the organ in its evolving forms.”

King of Kings also has an organ recital series during Lent on Wednesdays at 12:15 pm. The recitals are approximately 30 minutes long and feature guest organists from the St. Louis area. Yet another weekly organ recital series in St. Louis to enrich the community!

The program committee is in the process of planning for the 2014-2015 program year. We have some exciting plans already, and are hoping to fill in the gaps at the next meeting. Norbert Krausz and Bill Sullivan are new members of the committee this year. I did not approach or nag them, they contacted me and volunteered to join. What a great example they have set for our members. Remember—this is your chapter! I encourage everyone to get involved with a committee, invite friends to our meetings, or come to meetings more regularly if your attendance has declined.

In other news, Rene Zajner (executive committee member at-large) has recently been appointed as Social Media Coordinator! You can read about his efforts in this month’s issue of the Opus. I am 100% on board with Rene’s ideas for promotion of our chapter on Facebook, which is currently our only social media endeavor. For those who are “in the know” on social media—it’s the free 21st Century way of communication and promotion for individuals and businesses. For us, it’s a way of reaching out to a different generation of people who may be interested in our chapter. Just to give you an idea of its potential impact, after Bill, Rene, and I invited many of our Facebook friends to like the page, we went from 40 Likes to 100 Likes in just three days! Because of those connections, our posts are now reaching up to 2,600 people. Basically, it’s professional networking at hyper-speed. I encourage you to check out our Facebook page— www.facebook.com/agostlouis – you do not have to be a member of Facebook to view this page!

Stephen Eros, Subdean

The Details
Event: Members’ Recital: The Organ + 1
Location: King of Kings Lutheran Church
13765 Olive Blvd.
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Date: Monday, April 28, 2014
Time: Dinner – 6:30pm; Workshop – 7:00 pm
Host: Travis Evans
Cost: Dinner $10 with a reservation; $12 at the door
Reservations: Kathleen Bolduan (314-725-1251 or kathleen.bolduan@gmail.com)
Please confirm reservation by Wednesday, March 19th

From I-64 (East): Take exit 19B toward Olive Blvd (MO 340) Turn left on Clarkson Rd (you should be near Chesterfield Mall). Clarkson Rd becomes Olive Blv. (MO-340) Continue on this road for 3.5 miles. King of Kings Lutheran Church will be on your left.

From I-64 (40) (Westbound from St. Louis and Illinois): Take exit 25 to merge onto I-270 North (toward Chicago). Take exit 14 onto Olive Blvd. (MO-340) and keep left onto MO-340 West. Turn left onto Olive Blvd and continue for 3.4 miles. King of Kings Lutheran Church will be on your right.

From the Dean…

Hopefully, by the time this goes to publication, spring will have officially arrived and all of the snowy forecasts will be gone. I am looking forward to getting outside and enjoying some time wrapping up projects begun last year and put on hold throughout the cold months. I hope you are well on your way to a full and inspirational liturgical season. Please take advantage of the improving weather and make an effort to attend the remaining programs of this program year. I think the program committee, under the leadership of Stephen Eros, has done an excellent job in planning a year of creative programs and great presenters. There are some exciting opportunities for our young organists this summer.

PIPE ORGAN ENCOUNTERS—The Executive Committee has decided to send a small donation to each of the two Pipe Organ Encounters in our region this year. One is being sponsored by the Kansas State University Chapter of the AGO from July 6 – 11, 2014 and is being led by a distinguished faculty including Dr. Charles Barland, University of Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa; Dr. Roseann Penner Kaufman, Rainbow Mennonite Church, Kansas City, Kansas; Dr. David Pickering, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas; Dr. Ann Marie Rigler, William Jewell College, Liberty, Missouri; Dr. Melody Steed, Bethany College, Lindsborg Kansas; Dr. Mary Ellen Sutton, Kansas State University Professor Emeritus; and Dr. Brett Wolgast, First Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. If you know of a student between the ages of 13 and 18, please direct them to the web address: http://www.agohq.org/chapters/kansasstateuniversity/ or have them contact the POE director, Dr. David Pickering, Kansas State University, 134 McCain Auditorium, Manhattan, KS 66506 or by email at dpickeri@k-state.edu. The other POE is being sponsored by the Tri-State Chapter of the American Guild of organists and will be held at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado from June 8 – 13, 2014. For those interested in that POE, please contact POE 2014, c/o Dr. Joel Bacon, CSU Music, Theatre, & Dance, Campus Delivery 1778, Fort Collins, CO 80525-1778, phone (970) 491-2431 or e-mail Joel.Bacon@colostate.edu. The website is http://tristateago.org/education.

SUMMER ORGAN PROGRAM AT INTERLOCHEN —I am eager to spread the word about the upcoming summer organ program at Interlochen! Interlochen Arts Camp brings together serious, aspiring artists from around the world to study music, dance, theatre, visual art, creative writing and motion picture arts. The sense of purpose young organists gain by immersing themselves in this creative environment is often life-changing. After a summer at Interlochen, students return home “on fire,” their passion for our art affirmed and their imagination expanded. In addition to the art-filled and creative environment at Interlochen, there is a gifted faculty at the northwoods campus to provide a one-of-a-kind learning experience. For the summer of 2014, attendees will be joined by master teachers Todd Wilson, James Kibbie, and Paul Barte. Further information includes:
Program length: 6 weeks. Program dates: June 21, 2014 to August 4, 2014.
Tuition: $8,115. Age range: Grades 9-12.
See more at: http://camp.interlochen.org/program/music/hs/organ#sthash.IHKW55jE.dpuf
Full page for the high school organ program is http://camp.interlochen.org/program/music/hs/organ
There’s also a 3-week program for younger kids: http://camp.interlochen.org/program/music/int/organ

Soli Deo Gloria!
Bill Wade, Dean

AGO Saint Louis — “Like Us” (on FACEBOOK, of course!) By Rene Zajner

Recently, AGO Saint Louis set up a Facebook page, and you’re invited to “like” it. Those of you who are familiar with Facebook and the protocols of internet “social media” will recognize the significance of this invitation. Others, perhaps not quite so much. Many of us are aware of the intricate maze through which people communicate these days—in addition to Facebook, there are Twitter, Pinterest, Delicious, MySpace, etc. Did you hear that Facebook is paying $19 billion dollars for a communication based internet site called “WhatsApp?” Indeed! What’s up with all this, and why does AGO STL feel that we ought to jump on some sort of bandwagon?

Our presence on Facebook is meant to augment communication with our membership—we do not even begin to think that this is going to replace any existing “channel of communication” with the AGO community. There are some big advantages to using Facebook (FB), and there are some big disadvantages—some of you won’t touch it, while some of you are all over it. Here are some significant advantages which you should know about: FB permits both important urgent and casual communication amongst our membership, and it permits this to occur in one centralized place; FB permits our brother/sister chapters elsewhere in the US and Canada to touch base with us, and this advantage will be ever more in the forefront as we approach the 2015 regional convention date; FB offers a friendly “user interface” which permits more of our membership to reach out to our colleagues—you don’t need to be “in the know” in order to broadcast information.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of FB is that we can leave the development of the latest technical gizmos to FB. Frankly, we don’t have the budget to match the billions and billions of precious dollars being invested in internet technologies. Let Facebook work out how these technologies are best embraced or discarded by their various communities, and AGO St. Louis can work on matters closer to home: pipe organs, music, certification, dinners, and presentations, etc.).

I’ve been asked to write this short article for your information. That’s because I started the Facebook page, and a big reason why I did so was in order to make available our chapter photographs (I’m also the chapter photographer). I considered various options at the time, and I concluded that Facebook permits me to quickly make available the many pictures which are taken at our events, and also to short-list some of the best of those photographs. I do this with great joy, and now I know that through Facebook, you have an opportunity to not just view those photographs, but also to share them with friends and colleagues. While I can think of a few technical issues related to how I deal with Facebook, basically its good far outweighs any disadvantages. Indeed, Facebook is not without its controversies—but neither are a lot of other things we encounter in our work: potential copyright infringement, privacy issues, and overall levels of professionalism being items in the top drawer!

So please take note: You’re invited to join us on Facebook. Just search for “AGO American Guild of Organists – Saint Louis Chapter.”

I’m available to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about this. All of us on the Board of AGO St. Louis need your help, and we look forward to your comments to help us fashion thoughts and ideas into tangible results for all of us. My email is rene.zajner@gmail.com

The Convention Steering Committee continues working on our regional convention. We are presently getting contracts back from workshop presenters and finalizing a contract with a bus company for convention transportation. We are also happy to report that we have raised $4,100 toward expenses on the convention.

  • Bombarde $5,000-$10,000
  • Solo $2,500-$4,999
  • Swell $1,500-$2,499
  • Great $750-$1,499
  • Choir $200-$749
  • Foundation Up to $199

Sponsorship levels reflect total giving, not just a one-time gift. Our fundraising will span the 2014 and 2015 tax years, so your sponsorship can be made in convenient installments. If you’d like to contribute with a check, please make your check out to AGO 2015 Regional Convention and send it to: AGO 2015 Regional Convention, Attn: Mike Kaberline, Treasurer, PO Box 140067, St. Louis, MO 63114-0067. Thank you for your support, and keep watching WWW.AGO2015.ORG for updates!


The Nominating Committee Presents:


Dawn Riske, CAGO

It is amazing to consider all the ways that the music of pipe organs has impacted my life. Since grade school in Wisconsin, playing pipe organs and singing with their support has been foundational to my life. I became active in the American Guild of Organists in Central Wisconsin in the 1980’s, where I discovered that some of the finest continuing education for organists happens at AGO meetings and recitals. That has held true for me when I was part of the Dayton, OH chapter and is still true today. Chapter activities strengthened my skill and knowledge as I completed a MA in Liturgical Theology and Sacred Music through Aquinas Institute of Theology and CAGO certification in 2001.

Christ the King Catholic Church in University City is a wonderful spiritual home for me as I serve as Director of Music Ministries. For the St. Louis AGO Chapter, I have been Director of Certification since 2005, and am a returning member of the Executive Committee. National Pastoral Musi-cians is another important professional organization to me; I have served on the planning team and as Branch Dawn Director in Dayton, OH.

My desire is to strengthen and direct our members’ common goals, and to maintain the excellence in programming that is in place here. Sup-porting the team preparing for the Regional Convention in 2015 will be a high priority.

Stephen Eros

Stephen Eros has enjoyed serving as Sub Dean and Program Committee Chair for two years. Over that time, he has strived to bring interesting and diverse programs to appeal to the chapter membership. Another goal has been inviting local musicians to join the guild as new members, as well as encouraging membership renewals among lapsed members. A recent graduate of Webster University and a student of William Partridge, Stephen was recently appointed as Director of Music and Organist at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Alton, IL – a large, thriving parish in the Diocese of Springfield.


Mark R. Scholtz

Mark R. Scholtz is the Organist and Choirmaster at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Town & Country, Missouri. He was for fourteen years the Organist and Choirmaster of Saint John’s Church (Episcopal) in Washington, Connecticut. There he coordinated a concert series presented under the auspices of the Parish and was the founder and Music Director of The Saint John’s Chorale, an ensemble of 20 “auditioned singers . . . one of the best small choruses around.” (The Danbury News-Times) Mr. Scholtz earned his degree in Organ Performance from the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music, working with Haskell Thomson (organ), William Porter (harpsichord), and Lisa Goode Crawford (continuo). Prior to Oberlin, he attended Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania studying organ and improvisation with Timothy Albrecht. Subsequently, in 1990, Mr. Scholtz studied interpretation of the organ works of Arthur Wills with the composer at Ely Cathedral, England. He has since presented premieres of several of Dr. Wills’ compositions including the American Premiere of Fenland Suite for organ, English brass band, and percussion with conductor Bruce J. Barber II; and the Cleveland Premiere of Concerto for Organ, Strings, and Timpani. As a recitalist, Mr. Scholtz has had the wonderful opportunity to play some notable instruments including New York City’s Grace Church, Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church (Citicorp), and the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine; Washington D.C.’s Saint John’s, Lafayette Square; and Boston’s Trinity Church, Copley Square, and Old South Church. Abroad, recitals have been presented in London, Ely Cathedral, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Paris. From 2008-2012, Mr. Scholtz was the Assistant Organist and Choirmaster at the Church of Saint Michael and Saint George in Clayton, Missouri.

In June of 2004, Mr. Scholtz began a four year association with the Wicks Organ Company of Highland, Illinois, first as a flue voicer and then as Tonal Director. During those years he was involved in several projects that achieved national attention most notably the organ at The First Congregational Church of Kalamazoo, Michigan. His first two instruments are at Saint Anne’s Anglican Church, Nassau, the Bahamas; and The First Presbyterian Church, Pitman, New Jersey. In the Spring of 2008 he started his own company, Scholtz Pipe Organ Tonal Solutions, Inc. specializing in the tonal design of pipe organs, voicing and revoicing of pipe work, and on-site tonal finishing of completed instruments. The company is a founding member of Robert William Wallace Pipe Organs, which offers a full range of services including new pipe organs custom designed to meet the unique needs of each individual client, revoicing of existing pipe organs, and rebuilding of and technical upgrades to existing instruments. Mark also enjoys being a licensed realtor in the state of Missouri.


Philip Brunswick

Phillip Brunswick has been the Organist and Choir Master at Grace Episcopal Church – Kirkwood since 1992. He has served the St. Louis Chapter throughout the years on several committees, including the Executive Committee, as Sub-Dean and as an instructor for two POE’s. In 2001, the chapter honored Mr. Brunswick as Educator of the Year in the cause of Sacred Music. He founded the Royal School of Church Music St. Louis Training Course and served as the Executive Director from 1998-2013.

Mary Beth Wittry

Mary Beth is a graduate of Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois (Bachelor of Music Education), where she studied organ under Margaret Sayre. She is also a graduate of the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana (Master of Music in organ performance) where she studied organ under Jerald Hamilton. Mary Beth served as a full-time Director of Music at Immaculate Conception Parish in Springfield from 1985 to 2004, and as a part-time instructor of organ at Missouri State University from 1996 to 2004. From 2004 to 2013, she taught at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis, and served as Director of Sacred Music. Presently, she is Director of Music at St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish in St. Louis.

Chuck Wiltsch

Chuck Wiltsch is celebrating his 50th year as an Organist in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. He has played at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St. Francis Xavier (College) Church, St. Jude, All Souls, and has been Organist and Choirmaster at Cure’ of Ars (St. John Vianney) Church in Shrewsbury for nine years. A part-time musician, Chuck is the Business Manager (and default organist!) at the Mercy Conference and Retreat Center in Frontenac.

Jeffrey A. White, MCM, CAGO

Jeff is a native of St. Louis, and has been in Lutheran church music from the start of his career. He began playing for worship at the age of 15, regularly filling in at Salem Lutheran Church in Affton, MO. He played services all over the metro area as a substitute organist. After high school, he attended one year of college at Concordia University Chicago in their Director of Parish Music program. After that year, he returned home and assumed the role of assistant organist and accompanist at Salem. He also became the handbell choir director. In 1989, he became the regular organist and choir director for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Columbia, IL. After two years, he then assumed the Director of Music position at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in St. Louis. He served Holy Cross for 10 years, and also took a leadership role as chair for the Board for the Christian Day School, which made him a member of the Board of Directors. It was during this time that he became a member of the Gateway Ringers, and served 8 years in various positions for the board of that group as well. In 2001, he took the call to his current position as Minister of Music at Holy Trinity. He completed his Master’s in Church Music degree in 2009 through Concordia University Wisconsin, and achieved the colleague certification for the AGO in 2012. Jeff continues to serve at Holy Trinity, and also as organist for Rock Presbyterian in Imperial, MO. He is currently Council President for Holy Trinity, and is seeking a leadership position in his daytime work at MasterCard. He has been a longtime member of our St. Louis Chapter, AGO, and looks forward to the opportunity to serve in a higher capacity for the Guild.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Ballots will be made available online on April 1 at 12:00 midnight through April 8 at 12:00 midnight. Anyone who has not voted by that time online will be sent a paper ballot that must be returned to Cathy Cassey (secretary), 2191 Shirlene Dr., Granite City, IL 62040-2564 by April 23, 2014 via US Mail. The majority of candidates in each section will be elected.

Handchimes Available for Use by Church or School

The MO chapter of the Handbell Musicians of America has a 3-octave set of Malmark Choirchimes with reproducible secular/sacred music that will be available for the 2014-15 school year, at no cost except insurance coverage for that semester or year. The deadline for application is June 1 for placement by July 1, 2014.

These Choirchimes are hand-held, aluminum, pitched, percussion tube, struck by a clapper attached to the outside and are often used along with Orff instruments, handbells, keyboard and vocal ensembles. There are multiple tubes, matching keyboard pitches of three octaves of notes, so many students, young and old can play music together.

Please forward this information to the appropriate person overseeing your fine arts department for a discussion on the placement of this loaner set of Choirchimes in your school or church. This offer is available to all schools and churches in the state of Missouri.

Anne Miller
Handchime Coordinator, MO Handbell Musicians of America
annemiller_handbells@yahoo.com or 636-349-1817 for more information and an application packet

Upcoming Concerts


Sunday, April 6–3:00 p.m.—Saint Paul UCC, Belleville IL Voices of Spring. The Masterworks Children’s Choruses, Dr. Stephen Mager, Music Director and Conductor. Tickets: adults $15 in advance, $20 at the door; children $5 in advance, $10 at the door. Phone orders: 618-236-0182 or by mail (see website for order form– www.singmasterworks.org)

Sunday, April 6–p.m.—Christ Church Cathedral Shepley Program of Music and Art. A Concert of Newly Composed Music. Composition Students of Webster University. Free of charge. 1210 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63103-2322

Tuesday, April 8–8:00 p.m.—Cathedral Basilica St. Louis Symphony and Chorus, David Robertson, Conductor. Program includes works by Messain and Bruckner’s Te Deum. $24.00, $34.00, $44.00. 4431 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63108. Ticket orders: (314) 533-7662 or online, www.Cathedral Concerts.org

Friday, April 11—6:30 P.M.—Palladium Saint Louis The Bach Society of Saint Louis and St. Louis Sings “A Bachanalia Fundraising Gala” with the theme, Turn Bach the Clock. The evening will begin at 6:30 with hors oeuvres, cocktails and a silent auction.followed by dinner and musical entertainment by the Bach Society 2013-2014 Young Artists. Individual seating available for $150 ($100 Young Friends—under 40) at www.bachsociety.org. Tables of 10 or 12 also available. Information: Ex. Dir., Melissa Payton: executivedirector@bachsociety.org or (314) 652-2224. 1400 Park Place, Saint Louis, MO 63104 (Near the intersection of Park Ave. + Truman Blvd)

Sunday, April 13—10:15 a.m. Webster Groves Presbyterian Church Palm Sunday Hymn Festival of Praise (Celebrating the new Presbyterian Hymnal – Glory to God) Worship Service—Chancel Choir and guest instrumentalists. 45 West Lockwood Ave. Webster Groves, MO 63119 Contact: Shawn Portell, Director of Music Ministries/Sr. Organist 314-962-9210 x 3108

Sunday, April 13—3:00 p.m. Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church The Chancel Choir and Orchestra present “The Seven Last Words of Christ” by Théodore Dubois. Margaret Milligan Kerr and Tara Campbell, sopranos; Zachary Devin, tenor; Adam Stefo, baritone. 9450 Clayton Road, Ladue, MO 63124

Sunday, April 13–4:00 p.m.–Second Presbyterian Church Couts Music Series–Organ Recital. Andrew Peters closes the 2013- 2014 Couts Music Series with a varied program on the church’s 60-rank Schantz organ. Peters has won awards in several organ competitions and plays recitals across the United States. Program includes works of J. S. Bach, Hindemith, Joseph Jongen and concludes with the exciting “Finale” from Louis Vierne’s Third Symphony. 4501 Westminster Place (at Taylor), St. Louis, Missouri 63108. For more information: Andrew Peters, 367-0366 or music@secondchurch.net

Sunday, April 13–5:00 p.m.–Christ Church Cathedral Shepley Program of Music and Art. Palm Sunday Evensong, The Cathedral Choir. 1210 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63103-2322

Friday, April 18—12:00 noon—First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood “Requiem” by Gabriel Fauré performed by the Chancel Choir, soloists, orchestra and organ. Bill Stein, conductor and John Cargile, organist. Free of charge.

Friday, April 18 – 8:00 p.m.—Second Baptist Church Good Friday Service including Requiem by Bradley Ellingboe, featuring alto soloist Roberta Hmiel and choir accompanied by strings, flute, oboe, harp, timpani, and organ. Freewill offering. 9030 Clayton Road at McKnight Road, St. Louis, MO 63117-1094. Church office contact info: 314-991-3424 or office@2ndbc.org.

Sunday, April 20—10:15 a.m.—Webster Groves Presbyterian Church Worship Service—Lockwood Brass 45 West Lockwood Ave. Webster Groves, MO 63119 Contact: Shawn Portell, Director of Music Ministries/Sr. Organist 314-962-9210 x 3108


Friday, May 2–8:00 p.m.— Cathedral Basilica Alleluia Ringers–Concordia University handbell choir under the direction of Dr. John Behnke. Dr. Behnke will also present a handbell workshop, Saturday, May 3 from 9:00 a.m. to noon. 4431 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63108. For more information and/or ticket orders: (314) 533-7662. Online ticket orders: www.CathedralConcerts.org.

Saturday, May 3—p.m.—Christ Church Cathedral Shepley Program of Music and Art. Masterworks Chorale–Requiem by Maurice Duruflé. Dr. Stephen Mager, Conductor, Dennis Bergin, Organ. For tickets call (618) 236-0182. 1210 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63103-2322

Sunday, May 4—2:00 p.m.–Christ Church Cathedral Shepley Program of Music and Art. Collegium Vocale, Dr. Bruce Carvill, Music Director. 2014 Flower Sunday Concert. Free of charge. 1210 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63103-2322

Sunday, May 4 —3:00 p.m. —First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood Dedication of the Casavant Frères Pipe Organ, Opus 3898 There will be a festive service of worship at 10:00 am with special music by the Chancel Choir, Clarion Brass, and organ. The Dedicatory Recital will be at 3:00 p.m., performed by Vincent Dubois, concert organist from France. Free of charge.

Sunday, May 11—2:00 p.m.—Christ Church Cathedral Shepley Program of Music and Art. Mother’s Day Concert—Piano Four-Hands. Annette Burkhart and Jennifer Lim Judd, Piano. Free of charge. 1210 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63103-2322

Sunday, May 18—10:15 a.m.—Webster Groves Presbyterian Church Worship Service—Oikos Jazz Ensemble 45 West Lockwood Ave. Webster Groves, MO 63119 Contact: Shawn Portell, Director of Music Ministries/Sr. Organist 314-962-9210 x 3108

Sunday, May 18–2:00 p.m.—Christ Church Cathedral Shepley Program of Music and Art. The Cathedral Choir—William Partridge, Organist and Choirmaster. Oratorio: St. Paul by Felix Mendelssohn. 1210 Locust Street, St. Louis, MO 63103-2322


West End United Methodist Church, located in an urban setting in Nashville, Tennessee, is seeking a full time Minister of Music. Our church of more than 2200 members strongly supports a traditional music program that is nationally known for excellence. The music ministry, which provides music for the weekly liturgical services, includes adult choirs, handbell choirs, and children’s choirs along with concerts accompanied by orchestra and a variety of other worship services. All applicants will be seriously considered as the committee wishes to find the best fit for the position. Willingness for a long-term commitment along with ten years of experience and a Master’s degree are preferred. For more details or to apply, please go to www.westendumc.org/musicdirectorsearch. All applications must be received by January 31, 2014 with an employment start date of August 2014.

Webster Hills United Methodist Church, St. Louis, MO is seeking an enthusiastic and creative Organist/Accompanist. We seek a person who can contribute to a dynamic music ministry that helps our church attract and welcome those into Christian worship, as well as empower those with gifts for music ministry live out the fullness of their discipleship. Primary responsibilities of this position include accompanying the music ministry during Sunday morning worship and special services throughout the year. Webster Hills United Methodist Church is a multi-generational blended family of God’s people who share faith and life together. Our community has been a prominent landmark on the corner of Berry and Lockwood since 1932. The organist/accompanist is a member of the ministry staff of the church, and is supervised by the Director of Music Ministry and the Lead Pastor. This is a 1/4 time position (10 hrs/week) paid monthly and guided by AGO salary standards. Weddings and funerals are considered above and beyond the 1/4 position. To apply please e-mail a resume and (3) references to: jasonroberts1976@mac.com. Live auditions will be part of the selection process. We will begin reviewing applications on February 20, 2014 until the position is filled.

First Church of Christ, Scientist of Clarkson Valley, Missouri is currently auditioning for Sunday organists. This position requires a repertoire of religious music and accompaniment of a religious vocal solo on Sundays. Individuals interested in either full-time or substitute organist positions are welcomed to audition. Services are held on Sunday mornings from 10:00 – 11:00am.

Church service includes: Prelude, 3 hymns from The Christian Science Hymnal, solo accompanied by organ, Offertory, Postlude.

Please contact Heather Tibbetts, Music Committee Chairman, to schedule an audition and to answer any questions: 847-903-6194 or hmstibbetts@gmail.com.

The United Methodist Church at Wentzville is seeking an accompanist to play for one adult choir rehearsal and one 9 a.m. Sunday morning worship service. This is a part-time salaried position. Please contact Rev. Mark Dumas at markdumas@wentzville-umc.net or call (636)327-6377. Responsibilities include: Provide piano and/or organ music for Sunday morning worship service and special events/services. Select appropriate prelude, offertory and postlude music for each service. Accompany the Adult Choir during Wednesday evening rehearsals and Sunday morning worship services from September through May. Accompany occasional solo/ensemble special music throughout the year. Prepare and perform appropriated piano/organ music throughout the year. Prepare and lead hymns and service music for worship throughout the year.

Experience as an accompanist
Excellent sight reading skills
The ability to read both open score and selected voice parts
Ability to work with amateur musicians in a supportive environment
Strong communication and interpersonal skills
To apply, send your resume with names and contact information for three references to markdumas@wentzville-umc.net or call (636)-327-6377.