2014 August Executive Committee Minutes

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Monday, August 25, 2014 (Approved 10-6-14)

6:00 p.m., Christ the King Church, Monsignor Ryan Center

7316 Balson Avenue

University City, MO 63130





Dean: Dawn Riske Sub-Dean: Mark Scholtz
Treasurer: Dennis York Secretary: Cathy Cassy


Executive Committee Present: Nancy Barbee, Cathy Bolduan, Philip Brunswick, Suzanne Manelli, Andrew Peters, Mark Scholtz, Nanette Tornblom, Bill Wade, Jeff White, Mary Beth Wittry, Rene Zajner

Absent: Horst Buchholz (excused), Stephen Eros (excused)

Call to Order: Dean Dawn Riske called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm.

Review of the Minutes: Minutes of the May 12 meeting were unanimously approved with a motion from Dennis York and seconded by Mark Scholtz.

Treasurer’s Report: Current balance of $16,614.25 Motion to approve was made by Andy Peters and seconded by Mark Scholtz. Treasurer’s report was approved by all

Dean’s Report: The programs for the year were set up with “simplicity” as the theme. Executive Board Members are asked to be at the programs for the year.

Sub-Dean Report: The program budget is currently $250.00 under the $4000 approved budget. The brochure and mailing costs are outstanding.

There will be 6 meals – 1 breakfast on the day of Dennis Sparger presentation on Saturday. . Cathy Bolduan asked about the OnCard yearly $75 charge for meals. At the time the price was set, there were more evening meals, but the venues have changed. A motion was made by Cathy Bolduan to provide one free meal ticket to those who purchased the yearly meal ticket at $75.00. The motion was seconded by Jeff White. All approved the motion.

The Regional Convention fundraiser, being held at the Scottish Rite Building on Friday, November 7, will include a silent movie accompanied by Andy Peters. Scottish Rite is donating the fee for the building. John Hawn, Convention Gifts and Grants chairman, in charge of the fundraiser will cover the $150 movie royalty fee; however he is requesting the Chapter contribute $600 toward the Hor’douerves. The suggested donation for admission to the event will be $20.00 as a basic contribution to the convention. There will also be a silent auction. Mark made a motion that the Chapter contribute $600 to the Convention Fundraising event on November 7th to help pay for food. The motion was seconded by Dennis York. The money will come from the General Fund. Mark will send an email to Dennis as to who to make out the $600 check. Nanette will be in charge of the silent auction items.

September 28th will be the opening program at Christ Church Cathedral. Members are being asked to play the opening. Let Mark know if you are interested.

October 6th – at Peace Lutheran Church – the organ will be ready for Hans Leitner to present a Master Class. Mark is checking to see if Horst Buchholz has already secured people to play.

February 9th – Todd Wilson will present a Master Class at Christ Church Cathedral. If anyone is interested in participating they should contact Mark.


Stephen Eros committed to doing the brochure for the year.

Social Media: Rene reports that there were new and unfamiliar likes on Facebook demonstrating there is increased interest in the site: https://www.facebook.com/agostlouis. New possibilities may include opening up the site to members to post local recitals. Discussion took place on whether it would be wise to have a policy on posting so that it would be members only, or should others be allowed to post events as a service to our members to see what else is happening in the area. Scheduled postings include: Couts and Shepley Music Series, Third Baptist, and Historic Trinity. Let Rene know if you want him to post an event. He wants to also post a few pictures and possibly have an album on Google. Our Regional Convention could also be publicized. Rene will be Content Manager of the website and maintain updates on the calendar. Brent Johnson will be Technical Support. The Chapter Guild promotes Organ and Choral works. Our website should promote these activities. Rene wants to do a 3 minute video with best photographs from this past year’s events to post to stimulate interest in membership – “Why should you come—See what you missed.” He needs some organ music to go with it. If interested contact Rene Zajner.

OPUS Newsletter: This month’s Opus included 12 pages and had great advertising. The ads are paying for the newsletter and the postage. They’ve already been sent out as of Friday, August 22. Nancy thanked all for a smooth publication. Advertisers should be asked “If the OPUS is only on-line, would you continue to advertise?”

Old Business: Andy reported on the Regional Convention: The fundraiser is scheduled for November 7. Registration will open in September. There is a program change for Wednesday morning. Daryl Robinson is now the artist for that venue. The Used Music Sale fundraiser will begin with collection of old music to sell so start saving old music. There are no complimentary registrations being offered to St. Louis Chapter members. Chapter members and all Convention Steering Committee members are expected to pay registration fees if wishing to attend part or all of the convention. National does require us to give some complimentary registrations according to the convention handbook.
Bill brought up a question about reimbursement for the Convention Coordinator’s registration. Cathy C. will check the minutes to see if anything was listed in past minutes. A discussion was held but is there anything written in the executive committee meeting minutes?

New Business: The term by-laws is no longer being used and is replaced with Operating Procedures. Thanks to Bill Wade and committee, Dawn Riske, Mark Scholtz, Cathy Cassy, updated Operating Procedures have been developed based on National Guidelines. All Executive Committee officers and members were given a copy to look over for approval or changes at the next meeting so they can be sent to National. The vote must take place before they are signed and sent.

An addition to the Operating Procedures included on page 2: duties of the previous dean require attendance at meetings for subsequent 2 years.

There was a question as to whether the Not for profit information be listed in the bylaws but since it is public information and there is a need to have the number available, the information will be listed in the Operating Procedures. These are living documents that should be looked at yearly. Bill Wade volunteered to be in charge of reviewing the by-laws yearly for the next 2 years.

Dawn requested from committee chairmen, a list of all members on each of their committees.

Cathy Bolduan wanted to note in the minutes Thanks and appreciation for work done continually and conscientiously over the years by: Nancy Barbee, Rene Zajner, Dennis, Cathy Cassy, Bill Wade.

Deceased members Elizabeth Buck and Margaret Keto were noted. Obituaries will be published in OPUS.

Al Black should receive any directory changes immediately.

Next meeting is October 6 at 5:30 pm (1 hour before the dinner and program at Peace Lutheran Church.

A motion was made to adjourn at 7:20 by Dennis York and seconded by Mark Scholtz.

Submitted by:

Cathy Cassy

Executive Committee Secretary


Official Documents – Dates to Remember:

June 1, 2015 – State on-line Registration for Charter Number is due.

June 30, 2015 – Refile Tax Exempt forms 990-N