2013 May Executive Committee Minutes

Monday, May 6, 2013
7:00 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church
6800 Kingsland
University City, MO 63130

Dean: Bill Wade Sub-Dean: Stephen Eros
Treasurer: excused Secretary: Cathy Cassy

Executive Committee Present: Bill Wade, Kathleen Bolduan, Horst Buchholtz, Stephen Eros, Wes Kassulke, Brent Johnson, Andrew Peters, Nannette Tornblom, Rene Zajner
Additional attendees and guests: Nancy Barbee
Absent: Denis Doelling (excused), John Cargile (excused), Bob Mullgardt (excused), Chuck Peery (excused), Dennis York (excused)
Call to Order: Dean Bill Wade called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m.
Review of the Minutes: Minutes of the April meeting were approved with revisions to the footer, website up by May, change PNC bank to Bank of America by motion from Stephen Eros and seconded by Brent Johnson.
Treasurer’s Report: No report (treasurer excused)
Dean’s Report: Report from Denis Doelling (auditor): Our Executive Committee voting received only 26 response votes. Reasons included: Didn’t respond because they didn’t know the candidates. Suggestions were to put it on-line and/or send out postage paid envelope.
Comments on this year’s program included: Don’t rely so much on your monthly programs. Reach out to membership such as occasional Saturday morning workshop or sight reading or software.
Possible call tree to notify members quickly – divide the directory and have a phone committee. Bill and Cathy will go through the directory to determine who might be secured.
Have 6 Saturdays in a row that if attend all 6, you would receive the service playing certificate
Death of Walter J. Purschke (1925-2013) previous St. Louis chapter member
Membership recruitment info should be in the OPUS
Dues collection. National now as IT person. Have 7 sites that can do on-line collection but not our chapter. If those 7 sites do well, then all chapters will be included next year.
Past Blewett winners should not receive an invitation
Sub-Dean’s Program Committee Report
Members recital is now a full docket of players: Andy, Travis Evans, Bill Sullivan, Bill Aitken, Stephen Eros, John Hahn, Jim London. The program will be printed. The budget is $3625 with 5 free events, 2 more substantial events. A baseline budget of $4000 was approved unanimously at the April meeting. A survey of last year’s venues was sent out in October with only 10 percent returned. All were positive with comments such as: programs are diversified, keep up the good work. A suggestion was made to have surveys at each event. Make them simple such as likes/dislikes; changes. Thoughts included that aggregate members will let us know and the time and postage should not be spent on the surveys. Another suggestion was to have members complete on Survey Monkey on-line.
Our website is set up to do online survey. Budget proposal for programs will be given at next meeting.
Registrar’s Report:
Renewals will be done online and can be paid with a credit card. If no response is received, Brent will then send a reminder. August 15 is the date on the renewal forms, but it will be changed to August 1.
All reports are due to National by July 1.
August 15th is the deadline for the OPUS.
2015 Regional Convention
Jim Threlkeld was unanimously approved to be on the Regional Convention as Transportation Chair by a motion made by Brent Johnson and seconded by Wes. The Clayton Sheraton was chosen as the convention hotel. Approval is needed by National and then the contract can be signed. The dates are June 22-24. Monday start and Thursday closing. Transportation will drive our costs up but we cannot get away from transportation from any of the hotels that were considered. A free ad will be given in the Springfield program and we will have a presence at the exhibits. Our website for the convention is AGO2015.org. Des Moines invited the whole city to the convention.
Bank of America Signature cards are here to be signed.
New Business:
Report from Denis Doelling on elections: New class will be Dawn Riske, Mark Sholtz, Susan Manelli. Stephen Maeger, as Missouri Convener was asked to install at the May 22 meeting.
Stephen Eros will be Dean next year and has a conflict on Monday night and would like to
move the meeting night. Suggestions included moving the meetings to another night and do some electronic meetings or phone or earlier in the evening. Consensus was to keep it on Monday but could be earlier.
Per recruitment: Brent has done 550 PC mailing cards. Scheduled to be sent out in late summer or early fall. The cost is about $1.00 per card. Suggestion was made to have a color brochure made with the 2013-2014 programs to send out to publicize. There are endless options in a trifold color brochure. Brent could buy mailing list within a 60 mile radius. An option is available to choose certain zip codes. A mailing list of churches in the county by denominations is also a possibility. Volunteers could divide up the denominations to get complete lists.
Recruitment flyers should be addressed to church musicians. Churches that pay dues for organists need a receipt.
Other ways to recruit members include: asking them to present at a general meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 by a motion from Brent Johnson and seconded by Wes Kassulke
Respectfully submitted by:
Cathy Cassy, Secretary