2013 February Executive Committee Minutes

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Monday, February 11, 2013

7:00 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church

6800 Kingsland

University City, MO  63130


Dean: Bill Wade

Sub-Dean:  excused

Treasurer: Dennis York

Secretary:  Cathy Cassy


Executive Committee Present: Kathleen Bolduan, Horst Buchholz, John Cargile, Wes Kassulke, Bob Mullgardt, Chuck Peery, Andrew Peters, Nannette Tornblom


Additional attendees and guests: Nancy Barbee, Brent Johnson, Mike Kaberline, Rene Zajner

Absent: Denis Doelling, Stephen Eros,


Call to Order: DeanBill Wade called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m.


Review of the Minutes: Minutes of the November 12, 2012 meeting were approved with corrections by motion from Bob Mullgardt and seconded by Wes Kassulke.


Treasurer’s Report:Report of $14, 696.98 total liabilities and equity approved by motion made by Wes Kassulke and seconded by Andrew Peters.

($94. 20 in Checking and Savings; 1,402.44 – Fidelity Cash Reserve; $2,352.34 in POE Account to be transferred to 2015 Regional Convention Account.

The POE Account is being transferred as seed money for the St. Louis Regional Convention in 2015.  This was approved through a motion by Bob Chamberlin and seconded by Chuck Peery at the November 12, 2012 meeting.

Dues were down which contributes to more money going out than in last year.


Dean’s Report:

2012 IRS has been filed and we are up-to-date. Reminder: it must be filed yearly in January.


Sub-Dean’s Program Committee Report: due to illness report made by Dean Bill Wade

Volunteers for the 2013-2014 program committee include:  David Erwin, Pat Partridge, Kathleen Bolduan, Rene Zajner, Horst Buchholz.


Registrar’s Report: Registered 2 new members.  Upgrades for the website are in process.  Ideas are needed to update.  On-line renewal is available for current members but not yet for new members wishing to register.

Denis Doelling handles ads on-line.  A check needs to be made to determine if old ads are removed.


Opus Newsletter Report:

February 15, is the deadline for the next Opus entries. Copies of the Opus are to be sent

to advertisers. Credit of an additional ad should be given to Midwest Music. Midwest purchased 6 ads starting with December, 2012. Midwest should have 5 additional ads starting with the March issue.


Old Business:

Brent Johnson will add advertisers to the Opus mailing list.  The advertising rates are to be posted on the website.  Brent will get the information to post from Henry Evans. Program budget proposal will be held due to sub-dean’s absence. Rene will look into possibilities for grant writers, possibly from Washington University students, to obtain funds.

New Business:


2015 North Central Regional Convention Report from Andrew Peters, Convention Coordinator.

Andrew chose Mike Kaberline to be convention treasurer.

Motion was made by Chuck Peery and seconded by Bob Mulgardt to approve Mike Kaberline as convention treasurer.

The steering committee consists of: Bill Aiken-programs; Rick Burk-hotel; Mike Kaberline, treasurer; Chuck Peery-exhibits; Bill Stein – Regional competition; Brent Johnson-Program Book website; Kurt Larson-gifts and grants; Regina Morris-registrar; Martha Shaeffer-logistics;

Bill Sullivan-publicity. There are four committee vacancies: secretary, transportation, hospitality, volunteers. 

Motion to approve the steering committee was made by Brent Johnson and seconded by Dennis York.

The convention length is tentatively 4 days and 3 nights.  Conference Drect will be contracted to handle the hotel contracts. There will be a town hall meeting at St. Peters Episcopal Church in Ladue for people to attend and submit ideas: 10am on February 23, 2013.


Checking account for the convention is to be set-up.  The budget proposal is to be sent to National by October 1, 2013.  National guidelines state that separate bank accounts must be maintained between the Chapter and the Convention.  In addition to the documentation already supplied to the bank, a request has been made for two additional documents to be submitted: 1) minutes of a Chapter Executive Committee meeting which authorize the establishment of an additional bank account which is separate from the Chapter account, and 2) written authorization from a current signatory of the Chapter bank account which specifically authorizes Michael Kaberline, acting as convention treasurer, to open a new and separate bank account from the Chapter. 

According to Bank of American, the currently recorded authorized signatorys of the Chapter bank account are Dennis York, John Romeri, and Ron Hall.

These authorized signatorys must be changed to Dennis York, Bill Wade, Cathy Cassy.


A motion was made by Bob Mullgardt and seconded by Nanette Tornnblom that the Chapter Treasurer, Dennis York, as an active signatory of record on the Chapter bank account, draft and sign a document which authorizes Michael Kaberline to establish a new bank account for the Regional Convention which is separate from the Chapter bank account.


A motion was made by Kathleen Bolduan and seconded by Wes Kassulke that the Chapter signatorys at Bank of America be updated to remove the names of John Romeri and Ron Hall and to add Bill Wade, Dean and Cathy Cassy, Secretary as per official individuals to be recorded as signatorys along with treasurer Dennis York.


Dean Bill Wade will compile a “to-do” book to include all the detailed items that should be

done within the year so that new individuals to the position will be aware.



The nominating committee for 2015 Executive Board members should consist of 1 Executive Board member and 2 who are not Executive Board members.  Kathleen Bolduan, present Executive Board member, will seek 2 additional Chapter members to serve on the nominating committee with her.  A notice will be placed in the Opus for write-ins. Voting will occur with the

Ballot in the April OPUS.

Cathy Cassy will send a blurb to Nancy to place in the OPUS regarding write-ins.  Names should be sent to Kathy Bolduan.


Avis Blewett Award Committee recommendations should be made by March 1st.


A website editor is needed to keep the information current and up-to-date.  Chuck Peery volunteered to take on the position.


John Cargile will send Brent the St Louis Organs data to load onto the website.


Meetings and prayer:  A non-denominational prayer will be given before the meals at chapter events.


List of 100 organ pieces to be placed on the website is still in progress – 59 at present.

May 6th is World Organ Day anniversary – 850 concerts worldwide.



Next Executive Committee Meeting:  March 11, 2013 at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 6800 Kingsland, University City, MO 63130


Meeting adjourned:  8:03 pmby motion from Brent Johnson.

Cathy Cassy, Secretary