2013 April Executive Committee Minutes

Monday, April 8, 2013
7:00 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church
6800 Kingsland
University City, MO   63130

Dean: Bill Wade Sub-Dean: Stephen Eros
Treasurer: Dennis York Secretary: Cathy Cassy

Executive Committee Present: Kathleen Bolduan, Horst Buchholz, Wes Kassulke, Chuck Peery, Andrew Peters, Nannette Tornblom
Additional attendees and guests: Nancy Barbee (newsletter), Henry Evans (newsletter), Brent Johnson (registrar), Al Black (directory)
Absent: Denis Doelling (excused), John Cargile (excused), Bob Mullgardt (excused)
Call to Order: Dean Bill Wade called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m.
Review of the Minutes: Minutes of the March 11, 2013 meeting were approved by motion from Brent Johnson and seconded by Andrew Peters.
Treasurer’s Report: Report of $14, 869.45 total liabilities and equity approved by motion made by Henry Evans and seconded by Wes Kassulke.
($1,114.67) in Checking and Savings; 11,402.44 – Fidelity Cash Reserve; $2,352.34 in 2015 .
All membership dues were sent in to National by the March 31 deadline.
Dean’s Report:
Kurt Larson, member of the St. Louis Regional Convention steering committee passed away unexpectedly. He will be memorialized in $100.00 donation given to National in honor of those who passed away this year.
David Ball won the Denver Regional competition. He will compete in Springfield, Missouri competition in June.
A suggestion was made to sponsor an ad for the Region VI Convention in Springfield, Missouri.
A motion was made by Brent Johnson to purchase a half page ad in the Springfield Regional program book. The motion was seconded by Horst Buchholz and unanimously agreed upon.
.The ad should use the St. Louis AGO logo with “chartered in 1911.” Brent will develop the half page ad and send to Springfield by April 15. The cost should be $400.00.
Sub-Dean’s Program Committee Report
Four members of the program committee met in March: J Hahn, H. Buchholz, C. Bolduan, S. Eros. Stephen will invite Bill Aitken to be on the program committee. The committee liked the variety of this years’ program and want to continue that with an opening worship service.
Cathy Bolduan and Bill Sullivan have been added to this year’s members’ recital.
The Epiphany party will not be held at Bill Wade’s house for 2014.
Due to work, Trent Patterson will be unable to present at the April meeting. Contact will be made with Nicole Aldridge from Washington University to step in as presenter on choral techniques at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.
The program budget for 2013-2014 will be due at the May 6th meeting.
Registrar’s Report:
168 members reported. 201 Opus sent out including advertisers. Cathy Bolduan is still getting about 30 extra copies of the Opus at her home.
Brent is also managing the website and reports that other than a few changes Bill Wade made, the site has not had any additional changes since previously reported.
Opus Newsletter Report:
May OPUS deadline is April 15. The ballots for the Executive Committee members are ready to go in the April issue.
Nominating Committee: The ballots for Executive Committee are in the OPUS and are due back to Denis Doelling, Auditor, by May 1, 2013. The results will be released at the May 6th Executive Board meeting.
Old Business:
Dean Bill Wade received the certificate from the state of Missouri rescinding the chapter suspension.
Program Budget Proposal will be due May 6th. A motion was made by Stephen Eros and seconded by Cathy Bolduan to allow a $4000.00 baseline for the program budget. Motion was approved.
The OPUS must have 200 pieces to mail to receive bulk rate.
$5800 is our chapter share of dues collected.
$661 in contributions
$491 miscellaneous funds
2015 Regional Convention
Andrew Peters, Convention Coordinator, reported that the hotel contracts are narrowed to about 3 hotels. Due to the unexpected death of Kurt Larson, the steering committee now needs a person to chair “Gifts and Grants.” A suggestion given was to ask Jim Threlkeld.
New Business
Henry Evans resigned as ad manager. Henry will give Nancy the list of advertisers who have paid for their ads and those who have not. Henry will continue as Associate Opus Editor. Dennis York will set up automatic billing for advertisers.
Suggestions were presented on a possible membership recruitment contest with a deadline of August 1. Whoever recruits the largest number of people could get free dues for 1 year or a cash prize. The registrar is chair of the Membership Committee. He needs more information for an on-line registration. A place would be needed for the recruiter’s name. Possible on-line registration error with national may be an issue. There is a possibility that the chapter receives no credit or funds if they register with national and not with local guild. Unsure if this is a problem for the chapter or not. Stephen Eros and Brent will work on the on-line membership registration.
Al Black reported the renewal notices of the directories should be out sometime between May 1st and June 1st.
A motion was made by Chuck Peery and seconded by Wes Kassulke to close out the POE bank account and change it over to Bank of America so the funds can be used for the 2015 Regional Convention. The motion was approved.
Next Executive Committee Meeting: May 6, 2013, 7pm, at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 6800 Kingsland, University City, MO 63130
Meeting adjourned: 8:05 pm by motion from Brent Johnson and seconded by Stephen Eros.