2012 November Executive Committee Minutes

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Monday, November 12, 2012

7:00 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church

6800 Kingsland

University City, MO  63130


Dean: Bill Wade

Sub-Dean:  Stephen Eros

Treasurer: Dennis York

Secretary:  Cathy Cassy

Executive Committee Present: Kathleen Bolduan, Bob Chamberlin, Denis Doelling, Henry Evans, Wes Kassulke, Bruce Ludwick, Bob Mullgardt, Chuck Peery, Andrew Peters, Nannette Tornblom


Additional attendees and guests: Nancy Barbee

Absent: Horst Buchholz (excused)


Call to Order: DeanBill Wade called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.


Review of the Minutes: Minutes of the November, 2012 meeting were approved with corrections to the spelling of Bolduan and Hohman by motion of Dennis York and seconded by Bruce Ludwick.


Treasurer’s Report:Report of $15,671.39 total Liabilities and Equity approved by motion of Brent Johnson and seconded by Bruce Ludwick. ($-83.07Checking & Savings; 13,402.12 – Fidelity Cash Reserve; $2,352.34 – POE Account).


The POE Account is being transferred as seed money for the St. Louis Regional Convention in 2015.  This was approved through a motion by Bob Chamberlin and seconded by Chuck Peery.


Auditor’s Report: The fiscal year ends and the end of the year.  Treasurer Dennis York will prepare the end-of-year profit and loss statement. It is important that a written contract be secured from artists.


Dean’s Report:

Preparation for the Regional Conference:  Andrew Peters, Regional Coordinator for the 2015 North Central Conference, reported that preparation has begun.  He will attend a training session in Atlanta and organize a steering committee. The budget and plan must be submitted to National by October.  No artists or other contracts can be issued until approval from National except for the Hotel(s).


Sub-Dean’s Program Committee Report:

Stephen reported on the success of the Gereon improvisation presentation at the Cathedral Basilica and the Vierne and upcoming November 16th Guillou concerts. He is working to increase the awareness of the Guild website.


Registrar’s Report: presented by Dean Bill Wade. (Brent Johnson-excused)

Our goal is to have 100% agreement on the National membership report and our registrar report.  Currently our membership breakdown is:  Regular: 86 plus 11 expected for a total of 97; special:  38; student: 7 plus 2 expected totaling 9; partner: 4; chapter friend: 10; totaling 158.  There are 15 members that can be counted as new.


Opus Newsletter Report:

Henry Evans and Nancy Barbee talked about the new ads received and present status of Opus advertising.  They are looking for individuals to write articles and reviews for publication in the Opus.


Old Business:

-Avis Blewett Award Parameters were revisited.A motion was made by Bob Mullgardt and

 seconded by Kathy Bolduan that the “guild continue National membership payments for Marie

 Kramer (2000) and Pat Partridge (2005) for their lifetime due to the previous agreement made at

 the time each were presented their Avis Blewett Awards.”

-The Regional Arts grant will not be applied for this year.

-The Guild updated by-laws were entered on the Guild website by Dean Bill Wade.

-Nancy Barbee will submit the 100 organ pieces for posting on the Guild website.

-The advertising rates will be posted on the website URL and placed in the Opus when there is

 space. E-mail the rates to Bill, Brent, or Stephen to put on the website. Al Black will ad names

 of advertisers to mailing lists to receive a copy of the Opus.

-Due to attendance without prior reservation at meetings, a motion was made by Chuck Peery

 and seconded by Stephen Eros to set the base price at $12.00 for dinner and $10.00 for those

 who make their reservation before the meeting.

New Business:

-A volunteer is needed at will-call table for the members to pick up their free tickets to the

 Guillou concert. Kathy Bolduan volunteered

-Bruce Ludwick announced is resignation from the Board due to accepting a position at the

 Cathedral in Birmingham, Alabama effective January 1, 2013. Dean Bill Wade will appoint

 someone to fill his position.

-Review the fiduciary responsibilities of Chapter Officers in the October issue of TAO (pg.7);

particularly those related to the IRS; particularly IRS Notice CP259E.

-Gateway delivers extra copies of the Opus Magazine to Kathy Bolduan. 


Next Executive Committee Meeting:  February 11, 2013 at Trinity Presbyterian Church


Meeting adjourned:  8:20 pmby motion from Stephen Eros and seconded by Dennis York.


Cathy Cassy, Guild Secretary




January 7, 2013 – 6:30pm       Holiday Survivor and Epiphany Party


January 28, 2013 – 6:30            Dinner

                                7:30            Joint program with NPM and St. Louis AGO “Church Musicians

                                                   and Spirituality” presented by The Very Reverend James T.

                                                   Telthorst, VF

                                                            Our Lady of Providence

                                                            8866 Pardee Rd

                                                            Crestwood, MO 63123


February 11, 2013  7:00          Executive Board Meeting

                                                Trinity Presbyterian Church