2012 March Executive Committee Minutes

Monday, March 12, 2012
7:00 p.m.
, Trinity Presbyterian Church
6800 Washington Avenue
Saint Louis
, MO  63130


Dean: Henry Evans

Sub-Dean:  Bill Wade

Treasurer: Dennis York

Secretary:  Cathy Cassy

Executive Committee Present: Nancy Barbee, David Erwin, Bruce Ludwick, Rene Zajner, Chuck Peery, Nanette Tornbloom, Stephen Eros

Absent: Rick Burck, John Cargile, Bob Chamberlain, Denis Doelling, Wes Kassulke, Dawn Riske, Brent Johnson, Bob Mullgardt, Dawn Riske,

 Call to Order: Dean Henry Evans called the meeting to order at 7:09 p.m.

 Review of the Minutes: Minutes of the January 9, 2011 meeting were approved by motion of Chuck Peery and seconded by Henry Evans.

 Treasurer’s Report: Report approved through motion by Bill Wade and seconded by Chuck Peery

 Dean’s Report: Programs and attendance this year have been great.

 Sub-Dean’s Program Committee Report:

The slate is full for the upcoming year:

  • September – Guild service at Hope UCC – Jim Threlkeld will host
  • October – David Erwin will host at Webster University
  • November 15/16 Cathedral Basilica – Saturday – a conversation with Jean Gillou
    ($2500 sponsorship approved-shared with Cathedral Concert – as a major sponsor the membership could attend free)
  • January 28 – NPM and AGO joint meeting
  • February – Barbara Wicks at St. Alphonsos Ligouri Rock Church
  • March – Shrine of St. Joseph
  • April – Ballots for Executive Board Positions
  • May – Annual Meeting – Trinity Presbyterian

Old Business

OPUS Newsletter Report:  Ballots for the 3 open Executive Board Positions will be in the April issue.  It will be a separate page, and one sided.  Candidate bios will be included on the ballot page. Advertising will continue in the newsletter.  Henry offered to handle the advertising.

Executive Board Elections Report:

There are four candidates for the three open Executive Board Member elections.  Dr. Horst Bucholtz, Andrew Peters, Bob Chamberlain, Kathleen Bolduan.  Biographies were obtained from each to place on the ballot in the OPUS.

Avis Blewett Award Nominations: A motion to nominate Eileen Guenther for the Avis Blewett award was made by Bill Wade and seconded by Dennis York.  Dennis will handle the framing and matting of the award to be presented at the May 21st awards ceremony.

 New Business:


  • 2012 – Tennessee (National Convention)
  • 2013 – Springfield, MO (Region VI Convention)
  • 2014 – Kansas City, MO (National Convention)
  • 2015 – St. Louis, MO ? (If approved) (Region VI Convention)
  • In 2014, the National Pastoral Musicians will meet in St. Louis

Jan Kraybill, Regional Councillor, suggests we apply for the 2015 Regional. A motion was made to apply for the Regional to be held here in St. Louis by Bill Wade and seconded by Dennis York.

To do:

  • Committee:  Bill Wade, Stephen Eros, Cathy Cassy, more names to be added
  • Work with Jeremy in Springfield, MO (2014 convention)
  • Secure convention center
  • Possible organs: Powell, Fox, Kirkwood Presbyterian, 3rd Baptist
  • a headliner – Paul Jacobs (Bill to check with Sharon Byers)

Lines of communications among the guild needs an updated system. Brent, Dennis, and Al will work on communicating changes in membership and keeping accurate updates.

 Upcoming Events:  

  • May 21st  Avis Blewett Awards Banquet – First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood,
    100 E. Adams, Kirkwood, MO 63122 (William Stein, Host)
                                          6:30 Dinner        7:30 Program

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Cassy, Secretary

with notes from Nancy Barbee