2012 August Executive Committee Minutes

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Monday, August 20, 2012

7:00 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church

6800 Washington Avenue

Saint Louis, MO  63130



Dean: Bill Wade

Sub-Dean:  excused

Treasurer: Dennis York

Secretary:  Cathy Cassy


Executive Committee Present: Kathleen Bolduan, John Cargile, Wes Kassulke, Bruce Ludwick, Andrew Peters

Additional attendees and guests: Nancy Barbee, Brent Johnson

Absent: Horst Buchholz, Denis Doelling, Stephen Eros, Henry Evans, Bob Mullgardt, Chuck Peery, Nannette Tornblom.


Call to Order: DeanBill Wade called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.


Review of the Minutes: Minutes of the May 14, 2012 meeting were approved with changes by motion of Dennis York and seconded by Wes Kassulke.


Treasurer’s Report:Report of $16,507.07 total Liabilities and Equity approved by motion of Brent Johnson and seconded by Bruce Ludwick. ($753.36-Checking & Savings; 13,401.37- Fidelity Cash Reserve; $2,352.34- POE Account).


Dean’s Report:National is restructuring with a new mission and governance to include:

A new mission statement: The mission of the American Guild of Organists is to enrich lives through organ and choral music.  To achieve this, we:

  • encourage excellence in the performance of organ and choral music
  • inspire, educate, and offer certification for organists and choral conductors
  • provide networking, fellowship, and mutual support
  • nurture future generations of organists
  • promote the organ in its historic and evolving roles, and
  • engage wider audiences with organ and choral music.


Our new Region VI representative is Marilyn Shempp from Sioux Falls South Dakota.  She replaces Jan Kraybill.

The grievance structure has been discontinued; the committees have been reduced to 7 and the regions have been redistributed. More information can be found at: http://www.agohq.org/docs/pdf/ProposedChangestoAGOGovernanceandStructure.pdf)




Resolution of outstanding to-do items included:

·         New member committee – Kathleen Bouldan will handle through e-mail                                   

·         RockChurchwas contacted as a venue site but is not interested this year

·         The Compensation Scale for funerals and weddings is ready to be posted

·         Bill will work on the Regional Arts grant

·         John Cargile is compiling the photos of notable organs to display on our website

·         Nancy Barbee will get the list of 100 organ pieces to Brent to post on the website

·         Nancy Barbee will send the rates for advertising for Opus to Brent, Bill, Cathy

·         Al Black will provide the rates for advertising in the Directory

·         Chuck Peery will submit the updated by-laws to be entered on Guild website

·         Grow the Guild Campaign ideas handout presented by Bill Wade

·         Bill Wade will contact former Avis Blewett awardees to inform them of dues as

courtesy to clarify


Sub-Dean’s Program Committee Report:

Dean Bill Wade presented the report in the absence of Sub-Dean Stephen Eros.

The proposed cost of this year’s schedule of events is $6800 versus $4000 last year. The increase is due to the guild cosponsoring the Jean Guillou event at the Cathedral Basilica.  For $2500 cosponsoring fee, all guild members receive free admission to the November 16th concert at 8pm, special seating, and admission to the panel discussion on Saturday morning, November 17th at 10am (see page 47 of the September The American Organist).

St. Josephand the Rock Church are cancelled from the originally presented program for the year.

The recitalists for the February organ dedication at Third Baptist Church will be Frederick Holman rather than Christopher Marks.

The report was approved by a motion first from Kathleen Bouldan and seconded by Dennis York.


Registsrar’s Report:

Renewal of membership was offered through e-mail this year with 8 e-mail responses.  Presently, there are 110 renewals and 66 to be tracked. Paper mailings were sent out.  Brent will update the addresses on mailing. He will check on the amount that comes back to the Guild – $37.00 was mentioned.


Website Update:

Brent Johnson reported that the Guild website is easy to use and the following can be now be viewed:

ü  Meeting Minutes

ü  About us documents

ü  Public and private list of teachers

ü  Web advertising


Looking for interested members or persons to write articles for the site. Contact Brent if interested.


Opus Newsletter Report:

Nancy Barbee reported that Henry Evans did review the billing and found outstanding invoices.

One was exceedingly large. Advertisers will only be billed for the current year. Funds are to be sent to treasurer Dennis York. The 15th of the month is the deadline for the submitting articles for the following month’s newsletter.


New Business


Registration fee of $350 for Dean Bill Wade to attend the October meeting in Atlanta will be paid for by the Guild and approved through a motion by Wes Kassulke and seconded by Brent Johnson.


Votes were cast for the position of Regional Coordinator for our 2015 North Central Regional Conference for nominees Andrew Peters and Bruce Ludwick. Andrew Peters was elected for the position.


We gave $100 last year to the AGO National fund and approved giving the same amount this year through a motion by Dennis York and seconded by Andrew Peters. The funds were used from the POE Committee on New Organs budget in the past and will again be used this year.


John Cargile is resigning as member of the Executive Board due to his work schedule.

Dean Bill Wade will appoint a replacement.  He will ask Bob Chamberlin, to complete John’s

term. His choice was approved through a motion by Kathy Bouldan and seconded by Dennis York.


The 2016 National Convention will be held in Kansas City, MO.


Next Meeting:  Monday, September 10. Trinity Presbyterian Church.

September Program –Guild service at Hope United Church of Christ – Jim Threlkeld will host.

                                      6273 Eichelberger St; St. Louis, MO 63109


Meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm

Cathy Cassy, Secretary