2011 November Executive Committee Minutes

Monday, November 14, 2011
7:00 p.m.
, Trinity Presbyterian Church
6800 Washington Avenue
Saint Louis
, MO  63130 Attendees:

Dean: (absent due to illness)

Sub-Dean:  Bill Wade

Treasurer: Dennis York

Secretary:  Cathy Cassy

 Executive Committee Present: Nancy Barbee, Bob Chamberlin, Wes Kassulke, Bruce Ludwick, Bob Mullgardt, Chuck Peery, Dawn Riske, Nanette Tornbloom.

Absent: Rick Burk, John Cargile, Henry Evans, David Erwin

 Call to Order: Sub-Dean Bill Wade called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

 Review of the Minutes: Minutes of September 12, 2011 meeting were approved with a motion by Dennis York and seconded by Chuck Peery.  August meeting minutes will be approved at the January meeting.

 Treasurer’s Report: Report approved through motion by Bob Chamberlin and seconded by Dawn Riske.

  • $14,263.29 – Total POE Income
  • $10,347.70 – Total Expenses
  • $3,915.59 – Net Income
  • $6,164.09- Checking – Bank of America
  • $19,563.92 – Total Liabilities and Equity

 Billing for Opus adds should go through Henry and Nancy Barbee.

 Dean’s Report: No report due to illness.

 Sub-Dean’s/Program Committee Report: Bill Wade reported the next program will be November 28 at Graham Chapel with the dinner held at Bethel Lutheran.  Members of the Guild will play.  Gerre Hancock will present an Organ Master Class at the January 23 Chapter meeting at the Cathedral Basilica at 7:30pm. The program will include three local organists and feature the music of Bach, Mendelssohn, and Sowerby. Also Bill is working on the logistics for the April Organ Crawl.

 Old Business:  Thanks to Henry Evans and Nancy Barbee for the great job on the Opus.

  • List of 100 organ pieces to be published in March. Due Date February 15   Barbara Harbach has not yet been reached.
  • Brent will contact John Cargile to get the compensation survey to publish the STL AGO website.
  • Chuck and Regina are working to rewrite the by-laws to mirror the structure of by-laws of National.  They will change the free 3 year subscription of  TAO to 1 year for Blewett awardees so that it will be:  1 year national AGO membership; 1 year subscription to TAO; 1 year free STL membership.
  • A motion was made by Dennis and seconded by Bruce to make changes to bylaws on page 11 part B, letter e.:  Change “will” to “may.”
  • Nominating committees should report to executive board by March.  Ballots will go out in April.
  •  Bill will check with John Cargile on the Project of Old Organs in St. Louis.  St. Joseph’s shrine organ may now be available to view.

 New Business:

  •  A nominating committee was formed to find candidates for Executive committee for next year.
  • Members are:  Cathy Cassy, Bruce Ludwick, and Nanette Tornbloom.
  •  Nominating committee should report to executive board by March.  Ballots will go out in April.
  •  The program committee members have been working and should have plans in place by the January meeting.
  •  A search is in place for a sub-dean for next year.
  • Discussion was held on commissioning a Centennial Anthem for the May Meeting. Project was

referred to the program committee.

 Motion to adjourn made by DY and seconded by WK.

Next Meeting – September 12 at Trinity Presbyterian – 7pm

Future Dates:  January 2, Epiphany Afterglow

                       January 9, Executive Board
January 23, Guild Meeting
                        March 12
                        May 14

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Cassy, Secretary