2011 May Executive Committee Minutes

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Monday, May 2, 2011,
7:00 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church
6800 Washington Avenue
Saint Louis
, MO  63130



Dean: Henry Evans                                       Sub-Dean: Bill Wade
Secretary: Cathy Cassy (excused)                  Treasurer: Dennis York

Executive Committee Present: Rick Burk, John Cargile, Bob Chamberlin, David Erwin, Brent Johnson, Bruce Ludwick, Chuck Peery, Dawn Riske, Rene Zajner

Guest: Fern Black

Call to Order: HE called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

            Review of the Minutes: Minutes of March 14, 2011 meeting were approved with a motion by Bob Chamberlin and seconded by Dennis York. 

Treasurer’s Report: DY shared that we are in sound shape with a balance of $17, 733.27 in our account.

 Dean’s Report: The March meeting was well attended with over 150 people in attendance at the Michael Burkhardt Hymn Festival.  The Children’s Choir was very effective, and extra programs needed to be run off.  This positive event was aided by Mark Lawson of MorningStar Music, to whom we are grateful.  HE also affirmed the work of the entire Executive Committee for the good year which is drawing to a close.

Sub-Dean’s/Program Committee Report: A grid with the proposed 2011-2012 schedule has been assessed, the location for the September meeting may change, and we still need to confirm a venue for the March 2012 meeting.  Around $800 for soloists will need to be budgeted.  Gerre Hancock is being asked to lead a Master Class rather than an Improvisation Workshop in January.  In May, David Erwin offered to host Eileen Gunther in his home.  DY moved to accept the program as proposed by the committee, and to approve the needed budget items, along with a bus for the April 21 Organ Crawl; John Cargill seconded the motion.

Committee and Special Services Reports:     None

Old Business: The Executive Committee is still waiting to hear the results of our most recent election.

Wedding/funeral survey – 36 have been turned in online. Print copy to come out in June.

Calvert Johnson, National AGO Treasurer, will perform the concert for the Avis Blewett banquet. The program includes Mendelssohn, Bach, pre-Baroque, Japanese pieces.

New Business:  The standards and procedures for recipients of the Blewett Award were discussed at the request of Fern and Al Black.  Past procedures need to be reviewed, including procedures laid out in the Bylaws from January 27, 1992.

·         An inscribed plaque?
How many guests are welcome at the banquet?
Lifetime pass—is that local and/or national?
Opus for how long?
The American Organist provided for how long?  Etc.

Al Black wanted the Executive Committee to determine “Is this what we want to be doing?”   The Bylaws are in need of updating so that the Guild is not paying for more than they intend to pay.  Discussion followed.  Chuck Peery and Regina Morris were appointed to update and correct the Bylaws as needed.  They will present a draft proposal at the August meeting.

After-gathering will be at Brent’s on Monday after the concert.

Bill W. and Bruce L. will contact Rock Church as possible March 2012 venue.

Next Meeting – August 15 at Trinity Presbyterian – 7pm

Meeting adjourned with a motion by Dennis Y. and seconded by R. Burk.



Respectfully submitted,


Cathy Cassy, with the assistance of Dawn Riske, secretary pro tem