2011 August Executive Committee Minutes

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Monday, August 15, 2011
7:00 p.m.
, Trinity Presbyterian Church6800 Washington Avenue
Saint Louis
, MO  63130


 Dean: Henry Evans                                         Sub-Dean: Bill Wade
Secretary: Cathy Cassy                                   Treasurer: Dennis York

Executive Committee Present: Rick Burk, John Cargile, Bob Chamberlin, David Erwin, Bruce Ludwick, Dawn Riske

Absent: Chuck Peery, Bob Mullgardt, Dennis York, Nanette Tornbloom

Guest: Al Black

Call to Order: HE called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

            Review of the Minutes: Minutes of May 2, 2011 meeting were approved with a motion by David Erwin and seconded by Bruce Ludwick.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s report was given by Dean Henry Evans. Membership dues are still coming in.  We have our first lifetime member: Barbara Leighton. Henry will check with Brent Johnson on the dues required to be a lifetime member.

Dean’s Report: This is the 100th anniversary of the St. Louis AGO.  A centennial celebration committee was formed consisting of members: Bill Wade, Bruce Ludwick, Bob Chamberlin, Cathy Cassy, Henry Evans. Ideas are being generated and the committee is open to suggestions.

Possibilities being presented are: segment on Brent Johnson’s radio hour; list of 100 favorite organ pieces published in Opus; yearbook article.

Sub-Dean’s/Program Committee Report: Bill Wade reported that the programs for the year are set with the exception of the Organ Crawl in April due to change in contact. It will be together with NPM. The members’ recital will be at the Rock Church. Celebrations include Guilmant’s 100th Anniversary; 30th Anniversary of Aides – December 30. The first event of the year will be the Guild Service on September 26 at Ladue Chapel.  Since it will be the opening of our 100th year, a special cake will be ordered for the occasion.

Committee and Special Services Reports:  The new Opus Editors are Henry Evans and Nancy Barbee.  The deadline for the September issue is August 19 and September 15th for the October issue.  The 15th of each of the following months is the designated deadline. A guideline is to be developed for the advertising process.  Henry and Nancy are checking with Luella on past processes.  Jeff Carter wants to advertise his studio in the Opus.

John Cargile presented the wedding/funeral pay scale survey and is looking into placing it in the website.

Old Business: Regional Arts Council grant paperwork is due in November.  Henry will follow-up on their objectives vs. ours.  Education is our charge.  Dawn will help.

This year’s Blewett awards are still in the process of being created to present to recipients.

The standards and procedures for recipients of the Blewett Award were discussed at the request of Fern and Al Black.  Past procedures need to be reviewed, including procedures laid out in the Bylaws from January 27, 1992.

  •  An inscribed plaque?
  • How many guests are welcome at the banquet?
  • Lifetime pass—is that local and/or national?
  • Opus for how long? 
  • The American Organist provided for how long?  Etc.

Chuck Peery, Regina Morris and Henry Evans are working on an amendment to the bylaws on the Avis Blewett award.  Concerns included the national membership gift. They will report at the October meeting on status.


Membership second notice out August 16. September 15 is the cut off to mail in. There is to be a new member form from National.

Bill Wade’s  will be reimbursed expenses as STLAGO representative to the Convention for registration and travel.

New Business:  Brent would like to record Gail Archer’s lecture in October for his radio segment on: attheorgan.com or theorganlive.com.  It airs ½ hour weekly.

A partnership with the Crescendo Concert series has been established so that we will

Advertise their programs in our Opus and they will advertise our events in theirs.

A request was made to invite support staff of the Executive Board to the meetings: historian, registrar, web designer…

John Cargile offered to do a list of notable organs and pictures for the website.

Guest Al Black asked that the processes for advertising for the guild be reviewed and revised.

Advertising in the Opus, the directory and the website would be included.

A motion was made by Dawn Riske Hoy and seconded by Bob Chamberlin to have a committee review and revise the guild advertising processes.

There were questions on how the availability of church positions are disseminated to members. The question, “Are We Using Our Internet Options” was asked. Barb Radeke was mentioned to check with on internet resources available.

Motion to adjourn was made by Bill Wade and seconded by Cathy Cassy.

Next Meeting – September 12 at Trinity Presbyterian – 7pm

Future Dates:  November 14
                        January 9

March 12
                        May 14

Respectfully submitted,

 Cathy Cassy, Secretary