2010 September Executive Committee Minutes

Monday, September 13, 2010
7:00 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church
6800 Washington Ave.
Saint Louis, MO  63130


Dean:  Henry Evans

Sub-Dean: Bill Wade

Secretary: Cathy Cassy

Treasurer: Dennis York 

Executive Committee: Rick Burk, John Cargile, Bob Chamberlin, Denis, Doelling, Dawn Riske Hoy, Brent Johnson, Bruce Ludwick, Chuck Peery, Bill Stein 

Committee Directors:  Wayne King, Newsletter Editor; Rene Zajner, Chapter Photographer 

Absent: David Erwin, Bill Stein

Call to Order:  HE called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM 

Review of Minutes:  Minutes of August 23, 2010 meeting were noted with 2 corrections:

1)      Bill Stein seconded the motion instead of DY on the August 23 meeting; 2) Pipedreams Program: Should read: Discussion was held to sponsor the efforts of  Mike Barrone in underwriting KWMU3 by the Guild purchasing $600 to $1200

To sponsor 59 minutes of on air Classical Music (pre-recorded).  This fits with 503C-Education Status. 

Motion to approve minutes made by Brent Johnson and seconded by Bob Chamberlain. 

Treasurer’s Report:  There is a balance of $20,025.92 in our account. A check was given to St. Mark’s for the Pipe Organ Encounter. Motion to approve treasurer’s report made by Chuck Peery and seconded by Bob Chamberlain. 

Dean’s Report:  Henry Evans welcomed Brent Johnson as a member of the Executive Committee. He reported that the all is well and in good shape for the year. 

Sub-Dean’s/Program Committee Report:  November 15 AGO meeting will feature

Participants from the Guild. All who were asked agreed.  Mikal Burkhardt will work with the Guild in March thanks to M. Quimby, Morningstar.

Chuck and Bill Stein are planning a worship service for the September Guild meeting at Webster Groves Christian Church.  Chuck Peery will plan and lead the music.  Singers are needed and the membership is being asked to participate. The October meeting will feature

John Stewart, Head of Vocal Department at Washington University. It will be held at St. Gabriel the Archangel Church.

Ken Cowan has signed a contract and is set for the January 23, 2011 meeting at Cathedral Basilica.  Scott Kennebeck confirmed there would be no charge for Boland Hall. 

Auditor Report:  POE –  Doubled its goal on fundraising thanks to the efforts of Brent Johnson.  We received $2000 grant from AGO National.  They provide a spreadsheet to keep listing income and expenditures. If there is an overage in the budget then National receives half the amount.

Committee and Special Services Reports: 

OPUS Newsletter: October Deadline –  September 28 

                               November deadline – October 20.  

Unfinished Business:  AGO updates from National were discussed. Our tax exempt status is scheduled to be renewed annually.  This year’s deadline has passed but treasurer will work to resolve it. 

New Business:

Welcome Committee – John Cargile, chair of the Welcome Committee, provided 5 sample invitations to send out to prospective new members to attend the November meeting. The Board chose one of the selections.  The invitation will be placed in the newsletter for members to handout. Henry and Bill are checking are members who have allowed membership to lapse.

Registrar/Membership – Brent Johnson will be receiving RSVP and registrations as Kathleen Bolduan transitions the position to him. 

National Membership – Jan Kraybill reported to the chapter that National is providing automated on-line registration and National would in turn pay the chapter their portion of dues.

Regional Arts Council Membership – Bill Wade will look into membership details. 

Next Meetings:

            Monday:   1-10-11
            Monday:   3-14-11
            Monday:   5-02-11

Adjournment:  7:36pm. Motion by Dennis York and seconded by Rick Burk 

Minutes submitted by: Cathy Cassy, AGO Secretary