2010 November Executive Committee Minutes

Monday, November 8, 2010
7:00 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church
6800 Washington Ave.
Saint Louis, MO  63130


 Dean:  Henry Evans Sub-Dean: Bill Wade

Secretary: Cathy Cassy

Treasurer: Dennis York

 Executive Committee: Rick Burk, John Cargile, Bob Chamberlin, Denis Doelling, Dawn Riske Hoy, Brent Johnson, Bruce Ludwick, Chuck Peery, Bill Stein

Committee Directors:  Wayne King, Newsletter Editor; Rene Zajner, Chapter Photographer

 Absent: Rick Burk, Rene Zajner

 Call to Order:  Dean Henry Evans called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

 Review of Minutes:  Minutes of September 13, 2010 meeting were noted with one change: Kathy Bolduan will continue to accept the RSVP’s for dinner meetings. Bill Wade motioned to approve the minutes and Dennis York seconded.

 Treasurer’s Report:  Total Income from July through October 10 is $14,282,13. Expenses were $9,164.23 leaving a net income of $5,117.90.  Total Liabilities and Equity: $20,088.67.

Motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Bob Chamberlin and seconded by Dawn Hoy.

 Dean’s Report:  Henry Evans reported that John Stewart’s program presentation was wonderful and that all is going well with the chapter.

Sub-Dean’s/Program Committee Report:  November 15 AGO meeting will feature participants from the Guild playing at the Historic Trinity Lutheran Church in  Soulard. Final plans are being solidified.  Looking into possibilities to draw in new members and contact members who have not renewed their membership to join the chapter.   

Auditor Report:  None 

Committee and Special Services Reports: 

OPUS Newsletter Deadlines: January –  December 31
                                                February – January 28
                                                March – February 25
                                                No April Issue
                                                May – April 8

A list of new members will be sent to Wayne to put in the Opus.

 Unfinished Business:  Dean Henry Evans contacted the Regional Arts Commission regarding reinstatement. They are reinstating the application procedure.  The RA Commission is having a meeting on this night, November 8. Henry will report at next meeting. 

Suggestion was made to help sponsor a classical program on KWMU 24/7 Classical on HD Channel Radios. The St. Louis Symphony is on Saturday evenings and the Metropolitan opera is also offered. 

Welcome Committee – The Welcome Committee is changing the invitation to prospective new members from the November meeting to the Hymn Festival meeting in March. The deadline to RSVP to Kathy Bolduan will be February 25th.

POE Committee: The checking account balance is $2,122.00.  Denis Doelling suggested leaving the account open so that there would not be a need to go through all the red tape to open an account again.  Bruce Ludwick made the motion to leave the account open and Dennis York seconded.

 New Business: Epiphany party at home of Bill Wade on January 3.  All are invited. Possibly requesting that Committee bring food and/or wine. Invitation should be listed on the website under upcoming events.

David Ball, Juliard student who worked at the Cathedral with John Romeri, now lives in New York. He is participating in Young Artist Competition.  He must go through the National Chapter.

A request was made by local minister for the guild to provide a suggested fee schedule for funerals and weddings. Interest was expressed in creating the suggested fee schedule.  Brent Johnson will work on an on-line survey to help develop the fee guide. John Cargile offered to help. Bruce Ludwick will send a copy of a wedding contract he uses. 

 Upcoming Executive Board Meetings:

            Monday:   1-10-11
            Monday:   3-14-11
           Monday:   5-02-11 

Chapter Meetings:
           Ken Cowan Recital – January 23
           Chapter Meeting – January 24 – Ken Cowan 

Adjournment:  7:52pm. Motion by Dennis York and seconded by Bill Stein

Minutes submitted by: Cathy Cassy, AGO Secretary