2013 September Executive Committee Minutes

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Monday, September 9, 2013

6:00 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church

6800 Kingsland

University City, MO 63130



Dean: Bill Wade Sub-Dean: Stephen Eros
Treasurer: excused Secretary: Cathy Cassy


Executive Committee Present: Horst Buchholz, Stephen Eros, Wes Kassulke, Brent Johnson, Bob Mullgardt, Andrew Peters, Dawn Riske, Mark Scholtz Nannette Tornblom, Dennis York, Rene Zajner


Additional attendees and guests: Nancy Barbee (Opus), Brent Johnson (Registrar)


Absent: Denis Doelling (excused), John Cargile (excused), Kathleen Bolduan (excused)


Call to Order: Dean Bill Wade called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. Bill opened the meeting with several trivia questions


Review of the Minutes: Minutes of the May meeting were approved with minor corrections of spelling of members name and the addition of Rene Zajner’s name as a member at large. Motion was made by Andrew Peters and seconded by Dennis York and unanimously approved by the executive committee.


Treasurer’s Report: Net worth: $18,731.08. Balance: $4,871.95. The IRS and AGO fiscal year now matches July 1 – June 30. Minutes were unanimously approved with a motion from Brent Johnson and seconded by Mark Scholtz.

Dean’s Report: Twenty attended the Springfield Regional and it was an excellent experience. Discussion of the Austin, Texas regional which had more nationally known performers and fewer in attendance than planned number.

Kathleen Thomerson is in charge of certification and will be here in October. Several will be working for the service playing certificate. We are an OCAGO site not an FAGO

St. John’s Evangelical program is rescheduled from September 29, 2013 to January 12, 2014.

Sub-Dean Report: More funds for Honorarium are needed. $4000 was previously approved. $5000 is now needed.

Additional funds are for: $100 Honorarium for security at Second Presbyterian recital; $200/hr and 1 hotel accommodation for Jane Parker-Smith recital totaling $650 for October 12. $350 to print 500 brochures to hand out at the concert series.

Brochures could be placed in the Opus or Directory to send our rather than separate mailing

Motion to approve the additional $1000 for program budget was made by Dennis York and seconded by Dawn Riske. Motion unanimously approved.

All programs have been secured or in negotiation for this year.

Registrar’s Report: Brent reported that present membership is 146 with renewals and 7 new memberships. He is waiting to hear from 26 and 4 are not renewing. There has been 15% response by PayPal.

Someone is needed to update dates on the website and set up an email list to send out concert notices especially in the summer when there is no OPUS newsletter. Chuck and Rene volunteered to work on updating and setting up the email list. Stephen will update the OPUS program dates from now to present.

We didn’t make our Grow the Guild quota. Topeka and Muncie did make it.

OPUS Newsletter: Nancy reported that there was not enough to cover printing for Gateway Printers. Dennis took money to the main Post Office to cover the costs. Gateway will now send the cost of postage to Dennis as it used to go to Al and Fern Black. Our Gateway contact person is new.

Copy the AGO Dean on all communications.

September 15 is October deadline for OPUS articles. Extra 30 copies will go to Brent rather than Kathleen. We really only need 5 or 6 extra rather than 30. Nancy will talk with the contact to see if we can lower the number of extra to be printed. The company formally requested that 200 minimum be printed.

Old Business: Andy reported on the Regional Convention Committee progress. All budgets are due Sunday. He will let us know about October 19 to tell us any revisions. The Convention Logo was presented. He presented the Organ Book as a possible project to the executive board. It would cost approximately $5,350 for 100 copies with 12 pieces included. The project is tabled for now with a motion from Dawn and seconded by Stephen that more information be gathered by Nanette.

John Hawn’s name was presented for approval to chair the Gifts and Grants for the Regional. He was approved unanimously by a motion made by Brent and seconded by Dennis.

Second Presbyterian Church has a lecture series October 20-21, 2014. The pastor would like the chapter to be a cosponsor. No funds would be involved just a representative to attend the meetings. That person would be a speaker at one of the meetings. A motion was made by Horst and seconded by Dawn to cosponsor. Dawn offered to attend the meetings. The motion was approved unanimously.

New Business: The Polish Consulate asked us to cosponsor an event from October 7-10. They will do all the advertising. Contact Pat Partridge for more information.

Dawn is the exam coordinator for the Certification Process but wishes to decline this year as she applying. Christ Church Cathedral has been the venue. Brent Johnson volunteered for this year.


Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 11 at 6:00 pm.